Otunba cash: Why Turkey gbab dis Nigerian for fraud case

Otuba Cash real name na Emmanuel Aneke

Wia dis foto come from, @otunbacash/Instagram

Wetin we call dis foto,

Otuba Cash real name na Emmanuel Aneke

One Istanbul court order arrest of eight pipo including five Nigerians and three odas for Turkey sake of one international fraud case.

All dis suspects police gbab dem on Friday for one operation wey dem do for Istanbul Bağcılar district afta di complain from di company wey dem play wayo.

Dia accuse be say dem play one Denmark company wayo, hack enta di company emails and create wayo invoices.

Dem later divert $1.4 million from di company bank account to dia own accounts, wey dem disguise as di account of di Danish company partner inside Turkey.

Emanuel Aneke aka Otunba Cash, wey be from Nigeria na im dem identify as di leader of di gang.

For Otunba cash Instagram account, im describes imself as di CEO of "Istanbul Entertainment.

Im dey always post foto of how im dey groove, spend money and go for plenti shopping for expensive store to buy designers, and luxury cars.

For di raid, police find jewellery wey reach thousands of dollars and expensive watches, togeda wit $20,000 and 5,000 euros cash.