No road transport, electricity, health service - Labour unions warn goment

  • Karina Igonikon
  • BBC News Pidgin, Port Harcourt
Union pipo dey protest for Port Harcourt

Labour and trade union pipo for Nigeria south-south city of Port Harcourt don enta road to warn goment on top di strike wey dem wan strike.

Plenti labour and trade unions don join hand to demand say make goment increase minimum wage to N30,000.

Di mata dey rise dey go anoda level recently as govnors from all di states gada for di kontri capital Abuja to discuss di mata.

Mrs Zainab Ahmed, wey be Minister of Finance and Chris Ngige di Minister of Labour & Employment go join di meeting on Tuesday.

But di union members wey enta road for Port Harcourt tok say make President Muhammadu Buhari no look Uche face.

Uche, for dis case, na labour minister oga Ngige.

Nigeria Labour Congress chairperson for Rivers State, Beatrice Itubo, tok say if goment pipo tink say dem run go abroad to enjoy demsef wen di strike start, dem go make sure say aeroplane no fly.

"No railway, no flight, no road transport, no electricity, no health services. Notin go dey." Na so oga Itubo tok as she lead di march go goment office for Port Harcourt.

Wetin we call dis foto,

Labour union workers drop di letter wey dem cari go give goment for ground as nobodi show to receive or tok to dem.

Oga Itubo beg presido Buhari say make e no listen to pipo like oga Ngige because dem go lead am astray.

"E [Buhari] be pipo presido, we like am, we like di way e dey fight corruption. We say make e come out come pay us di national minimum wage.

Nobodi from Rivers state goment show to tok to di workers wey march come dia domot.