Shiites: "For us, death na just like transfer" - Islamic Movement of Nigeria member

  • Mansur Abubakar
  • BBC News Pidgin, Kano
Shiites and soldiers dey fight around Nyanya area for Abuja

Wia dis foto come from, Facebook/Shaheed Asperger

Clash between security forces and members of IMN - wey most of dem be Shiite Muslims - don dey happun tey tey and many times na blood and tears dey end am for Nigeria.

BBC News Pidgin follow di joinbodi members tok to reason why death no make dem do u-turn.

Ibrahim Muhammad wey be Resource officer for Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) for Abuja tok say to die no dey fear dia members as dia leader Ibrahim El-Zakzaky don teach dem say to suffer on top religion dey good.

Muhammad dey dia when IMN members clash with army for Abuja on Monday 29 October, wey im say lead to di death of many pipo.

According to di official, dem no find trouble at all because dia march yesterday na to fulfill one of important thing for dia religion, wey bi dia annual 'Arbaen' march.

"Army yesterday alone kill 33 of our members, dem tink say death dey fear us but no, for us death na just like to transfer from one place to another."

"Our leader Zakzaky teach us say to suffer on top our religion go happen and we must accept am and na wetin go make us enjoy heaven more."

Muhammad yan say e also dey with di members wey start dia march from Ado, Nasarawa State with hope say Aya junction for Abuja na dia be bus stop.

"As i dey tok to you now about 20 million pipo don gather for Karbala Iraq to celebrate Arbaen, wey be day wey some pipo kill prophet Muhammad grandson Hussain."

"Every year we dey trek from our various states go Zaria wia our leader dey dey for dis ceremony and now wey e no dey we decide to march go Abuja and na im dis kasala come happen."

Muhammad at di end tok say dem dey open to dialogue and oda meetings wey fit lead to release of dia leader since court order no work.

Shiite protest for Abuja: Gunshots, teargas fire dey scata Wuse 2

Tori say gunshot and teargas from Police flow for Wuse area of Abuja, Nigeria as Shiites protesters kontinu dia protest on Tuesday for di third day.

Dis one dey come as plenti pipo wound afta Shiites and Nigerian soldiers jam for Abuja on Monday October 29.

Di shiite members bin dey on a procession wen dem jam road block wey military build for ground, gbege start wen dem no gree turn around afta soldiers warn dem tire.

Inside one statement wey president of INM Ibrahim Musa sign on Tuesday about di mata, dem tok say di army dey lie about wetin true-true happun, say wetin happun na deliberate act on di part of di army.

Maxwell Kyon, di lawyer of di Shiite leader Ibrahim El-Zakzaky tell BBC say around dis period every year dem dey do one march wey dey compulsory for dia religion.

Kyon say during di march on Monday dem dey tok and sing about dia leader wey dey prison, e say evritime dem come out to do am army dey always attack dem instead of dem to protect dem.

Wetin we call dis Video,

Shiites: Fear-fear for Abuja as El-Zakzaky supporters wan do anoda march

Di Shia group wey be di Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN), dey do I no go gree ontop say dem detain dia leader Ibrahim El-Zakzaky for almost four years for prison without trial.

Nigeria army release statement wey confam on Monday say three Shia protesters die and four soldiers injure afta di gbege of day two on October 29.

Dis one no join di Three oda Shia protesters were military officers kill for di city ontop di same mata on Saturday October 27.

Di tori of how on Tuesday gbege happun don full ground for social media as pipo dey open mouth warn oda pipo to stay clear Wuse.