Shiites, Nnamdi Kanu, Odi and Zaki Biam. Five times Nigerian Army use gun on civilians

Nigerian army clash wit shiites

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Deadi bodi dey ground afta army and shiites kwanta on Monday for Abuja

Even though Nigeria return to democracy for 1999, e get some areas of how dem take dey run tins wey make many pipo feel say di kontri neva recover from di many years wey military bin dey in charge.

Military rule na by order by force, obey before complaint na im soldiers sabi. Some pipo say di only tin soldiers sabi na how to take fight war, and say dem train dem to defend di kontri against enemies. But di many times wey army don use force kill civilians, dey make pipo scratch head.

Dis latest videos wey full social media wia soldiers dey shoot Shiite members wey dey do I-no-go gree waka, na im some pipo don point as anoda example say Nigerian military neva grow comot from di kain tins wey dem dey do during military era.

But no be dis October 2018 e start. Since 1999 wey di kontri return to democracy, dis na five times wey army don enta civilians mata, wey some pipo say suppose be police bizness.

Odi - November 1999

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Obasanjo later visit Odi community afta im bin send army to go wipe dem

Six months afta Nigeria return to democracy for 1999, some armed pipo kill seven policemen for Odi community for Bayelsa State, south south of di kontri. Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo ansa na to send Nigerian army soldiers enta di community. By di time army finish work, tori be say dem kill many pipo and burn di town patapata. Wetin di pipo cari eye see make dem put di experience as part of why di community dey do remembrance day for am.

Di massacre of Zaki Biam - 22 October 2001

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Zaki Biam na anoda community wey don hear am for army hand

Monday, 22 October 2001 na day wen pipo for Zaki Biam for Benue State no go ever forget.

Tori be say Nigerian army arrange pipo wey dey live for Gbeji village for "meeting," ask dem to sidon for ground, separate di men from odas, and shoot di men anyhow.

Pipo wey see am say Nigerian Army kill pass 200 pipo and many run comot for dia house.

Wetin cause all dis killi killi na say some Tiv militia members bin kill 19 soldiers and na for village of Zaki-Biam dem see dia deadi bodi. Dis wan make den Presido, Olusegun Obasanjo to order make army enta di community.

Shiites Zaria protest - 12 December 2015

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Shiites members wey dey protest di arrest of dia leader

Nigerian Army accuse Shiite members say dem wan kill Nigeria Chief of Army Staff, Tukur Buratai. Tori be say di Shiite group bin dey do parade wen dem take block road as oga Buratai moto dey pass.

Human Rights Group say military kill and bury deadi bodi of at least 300 Shiite Muslims. Military also attack di house of di Islamic Movement of Nigeria leader Ibrahim El-Zakzaky wia dem kill three of im sons and arrest him and im wife.

Operation Python Dance - 12 September 2017

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Most of di accuse about how Nigeria dey take use military be say dem use soldiers wia police suppose do work.

One of such cases na how soldiers take attack di house of Nnamdi Kanu, wey be di leader of di Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), on 12 September 2017. Army bin announce di start of Operation Python Dance II for South-Eastern states of Nigeria wey carri dem go di house of Kanu. Di kwanta wit some members IPOB kill some pipo.

Nigeria Army kwanta wit Shiites - October 2018

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Di wan wey dey everibodi mouth now begin on Saturday 27 October for Abuja, Nigeria capital. Members of di Islamic Movement of Nigeria clash wit Nigerian Army for Zuba, wey dey outskirts of di city. Army say na three members of di group die for dia hand, but di sect say na six of dia members die for army hand. As if dat wan no do, on Monday 29 October, di group and army clash again for di Nyanya area of Abuja. According to wetin di Islamic Movement of Nigeria tok, na twenty of dia members na im army kill.