American missionary die afta bullet wound for Cameroon, goment and separatist forces di accuse each oda

  • Leocadia Bongben
  • BBC News Pidgin, Cameroon
Charles Trumann Wesco

Wia dis foto come from, Charles Trumann Wesco/Facebook

American missionary, Charles Trumann Wesco don die afta bullet wound, one civilian and army office get wound, army kill four separatists as goment forces exchange fire with separatist forces.

Tori na say de Wesco family weh deh sell all dia cargo for America kam stay for up kontri e nona reach two weeks bi di pass for dia motor wen bullet shoot de massa for head.

Charles Trumann Wesco die lef e wife and eight pikin dem for back and e broda wen na member for Indiana house of representatives for America.

Deh take e first go for wan clinic and afta for Bamenda regional hospital weh e later die.

Wia dis foto come from, Cameroon Ministry of defence

Cameroon defence minister don tok how deh 'neutralise' four separatist forces as deh bin wan attack university of Bamenda and gendarmerie brigade den shoot American missionary, Charles Trumann Wesco.

Na yesterday for morning taim weh goment forces exchange fire with separatist forces for four corner Bambili 14km from Bamenda, Northwest region.

For de process stray bullet shoot one civilian and army man weh deh di respond to treatment, defence minister Beti Assomo tok.

Beti Assomo say make all foreigners for Northwest and Southwest give signal for authorities make deh give dem protection but no tok how for protect innocent civilians

Defence minister e release di komot afta separatist don first komot dia release for condemn army say e kill American missionary.

Deh use de opportunity for call president trump make e take Cameroon e case go putam for united nations.

Na de second foreigner weh deh di kill for Anglophone region afta de Ghana missionary weh deh kill for July 2018.

Dis killing di happen afta deh university of Bamenda announce say unkown gumen kill professor Mbufong weh e bin di go work.

For Northwest region, as de crisis don pass mark, day no di pass weh deh no kill civilians and de kana tin weh e don make pipo di live inside fear plus de suffer weh e dey for komot from one village go ado one and chop di scarce.