"Conjoined twins wey I born make my husband faint"

  • Dooshima Abu
  • BBC News Pidgin, Abuja
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Hospital wey separate conjoined twins tok how dem do am

Oga Ferdinand Buzagbe and im wife bin don loss dia first girl pikin, so wen doctors for Gwagwalada Specialist Hospital for Abuja tell dem say dem dey expect twins, belle sweet dem die.

Dia hope be say God want compensate dem for di pikin wey loss.

"Na for eight months na im doctors come know say na twins I cari even though I dey go antenatal frequently." Courage Buzagbe, di mama of di pikin dem tell BBC Pidgin.

"Our hope bin dey high to expect di blessing," she tok.

Na for June 10 na im labour come catch her, wey make di husband take her go Saint Mary's hospital for Gwagwalada.

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Doctors take many hours to separate di twins dem

Afta two days of labour wen dem see say she no fit born herself na im dem rush her go theatre. But dia joy turn to happiness wen dem discover say dia pikin dem dey conjoin.

"I come ask God say wetin I do am wey e punish me like dis, I no even fit tell my family members and friends say my wife born.

"I just loss control come fall on top chair." Ferdinand Buzagbe explain.

Wia dis foto come from, @nuhukwaj

Tins bin dey rough for di family

Ferdinand read estate management and for almost six years now im and im wife no get work.

So wen dem marry two years ago, dem leave dia village for Delta State to come Abuja, Nigeria capital to hustle.

But since den, nothing don happun.

Na im tuke tuke car im dey use do taxi to feed im family.

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Ferdinand Buzagbe na taxi driver

Tins bad sotey landlord drive dem comot for house becaue dem no fit pay rent.

"We no even get roof over our head, our load dey neighbour house," oga Ferdinand tok.

"Even to pay di operation bill, I dey hospital for two weeks because moni no dey.

"Wen we see di pikin dem we loss hope," im tok.

How Good Samaritan doctor invite NGO

One doctor for di hospital call 21 year old Aisha Yahaya wey dey run foundation wey dey help small pikin dem.

Na she carri di mata for head come join bodi with anoda NGO wey be Global Initiative for Peace, Love and Care.

Dem come rush di pikin dem go Gwagwalada specialist hospital come dey take care of dem.

"Di man uncle bin say di pikin dem be witch and say dem be bad luck," Aisha tok.

"But thank God say through di help of good Nigerians we fit don save dia life."

Dey pikin dem dey cope well

Wetin we call dis foto,

Courage say she happy wella as dem separate di twins

For five months di pikin dem tanda for specialist hospital dey collect treatment and because di parents no get house, di hospital sef come become dia house. Na di food wey oda pipo give dem na im dem dey eat.

On Monday 29 October, Dr. Samson Olori lead oda doctors for University of Abuja Teaching Hospital Gwagwalada to do operation to separate di twins.

Mr and Mrs Buzagbe enta wan koro to go pray as di doctors enta theatre.

"I tell my pikin to come back to me alive," dia mama tok.

Afta many hours, na so dia phone come ring. Di doctors say di operation dey successful.

"I run leave my husband to meet my pikin dem," madam Courage tok.

"Now, my joy don dey full."