Shiite: How dem take different from odas inside Islam

  • Onyinye Chime
  • Broadcast Journalist, BBC News Pidgin

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Shiite Muslims no plenti for northern Nigeria

Di recent kwanta between Nigeria security forces and members of Islamic Movement of Nigeria wey lead to death of some members of di movement and wunjure some soldiers, don make some pipo ask "who be dis Shiites sef"?

Na on top di gbege di United States Embassy for Nigeria say, make di kontri goment chook eye well well to investigate wetin cause di gbege for Abuja. Rights group Amnesty International bin say na 45 Shiites die for di kwanta.

Afta Nigeria goment arrest di leader of Islamic Movement of Nigeria, Ibrahim El-Zakzaky, for 2015, na im di name Shiite come popular for many Nigerian homes. But, di koko be say many Nigerians no too sabi anytin about dis group of pipo.

Shi'a start as political group

Shi'a na di second largest branch for Islam. Muslims wey dey follow di teachings of Shi'a na dem dem dey call Shiites.

From di very very beginning, Shi'a start as political group wey support say Ali ibn Abu Talib, suppose take over from di founder of Islam, Prophet Muhammad as di leader no tok who go take over from am before im die. Gradually dem turn into religious group and get dia own flag.

For Islam, dem get two major groups, di Sunni and Shi'a.

To beta undastand why difference dey between Shi'a and Sunni Muslims, BBC Pidgin tok to pesin wey be Shiite and anoda wey pesin wey be Sunni.

Shiites no dey hear word - Sunni Muslim

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Nigeria police arrest 400 Shiites afta dem kwanta wit security forces.

Prof. Khalifah Dikwa na historian plus socio-political analyst, im na Sunni Muslim. E say "Shiites belief be say if you no follow dem, you be infidel (non-believer) and dem fit kill di pesin."

Im say di Shiites no dey tolerate "and dia main victims na oda Muslims."

Sunni Muslims believe say Shiites no send some scriptures like Jewish Torah and Christian Bible.

But according to di religion, part of di articles of faith be say Muslims suppose belief in all di prophets even Jesus Christ. But dat one no follow for Shi'a.

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Shiites get dia own flag wey dem take identify demsef

According to am, dis pipo no dey listen to anybodi except dia leader. Dem no dey respect di law of any kontri becos to dem constitution na man made, na so Dikwa tok.

"Dem fit confront any authority and dem ready to die," im tok.

Di group dey practice temporary (part time) marriage well well. Dem no see anytin wrong wit one day, one month or two weeks marriage. Here married man or woman fit marry anoda married man or woman wen im dey travel, den divorce am afta.

Shiites dey do procession everi year. Dem dey march everi year to show say, dem no try at all, dat na why dem kill di prophet grandson. Dikwa say, during di procession dem dey beat dem sef till blood comot, dem dey cut dem sef wit knife as punishment.

Di one wey worry pipo pass according to Dikwa, na "di fear and harassment wey dem dey create for pipo mind wen dem dey march."

"Shiites dey peaceful"

Dr Waziri Gantu, na Shiite member and lecturer for Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Kaduna north west Nigeria. Four of im pikin dem follow die for di 2015 Shiite Nigeria Army clash for Zaria.

Gantu say, Shiites na peaceful law abiding pipo. Dem no want wahala and dem no dey kill kill pipo. Im say, "we pay tax and anytin wey you dey do as Nigeria kontri pesin, we sef dey do am."

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Di IMN members do protest as dem want goment to free dia leader Ibrahim el Zakzaky

Shiites dey do four different kain of procession every year

Di first procession na to celebrate di birthday of di prophet.

Di second na International Quds Day rally wey dem dey use show support for Palestinians. Muslims for different kontris for world dey observe dis procession everi last Friday of Ramadan.

Procession for Mourning of Muharram na di third one. Dem dey take am remember di death of Prophet Muhammad grandson - Ali ibn Abu Talib. During dis procession, dem dey wear black cloth and some of di members dey beat demsef wit different kain tins sotey blood go comot.

But Gantu say, "we dey only beat our chest. But our leader tell us say some Shi'a Muslims dey cut dia body and e dey wrong. Im say instead wey we go cut our body to show say di death of Ali dey pain us, make we go donate blood to pipo wey need am for hospital."

Dem dey do di number four procession wen sometin bad dey happun and dem wan tok say, dem no like wetin dey go on.

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As par di mata of temporary marriage, Gantu, say dat one dey Quran, and dem dey do am wen war dey, or wen pesin travel go anoda place and im need wife but e no wan commit adultery.

"But pipo wey no sabi about am dey look am like say na bad tin," im tok.

Unlike wetin oda Muslims dey tink, Gantu say for Shi'a Islam, dem believe in all di prophets including Jesus Christ and "any Muslim wey no fit give im blood to defend Christ no be Muslim."