Shiites: How Nigerian military, police use heavy force kill at least 45 pipo - Amnesty International

Nigerian army clash wit shiites

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Deadi bodi dey ground afta army and shiites kwanta on Monday for Abuja

Amnesty International don claim say Nigeria police and soldiers cari heavy force deal wit supporters of di Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) for Monday.

Di international human rights group tok say dis over-do cause di killi killi of at least 45 pipo and wunjure 122 odas of di Sh'a Muslim group wey dey do peaceful religious march for Abuja.

But Nigeria army for Monday tok say dia soldiers kill at least three protesters afta plenti IMN supporters attack troops for Kugbo/Karu bridge checkpoint for Abuja.

For Facebook, army tok say IMN supporters fire weapons like bottles, big stones, catapult wey wunjure soldiers and innocent civilians for road wey ginger dem to respond.

Amnesty researchers visit five difference locations for Abuja and Nasarawa state for north central Nigeria wia IMN supporters wey wound dey collect treatment plus including two locations wia dem keep di deadi bodi of pipo wey die.

Researchers tok wit victims, eyewitness and medical pipo dem and torchlight videos and fotos of pipo wey dem killi and wunjor for di protests wey happun for Saturday and Monday.

Osai Ojigho, wey be oga for Amnesty International Nigeria, tok say, ''we see as soldiers and police cari deadly force use against IMN members dem''.

Ojigho still tok say, ''video and eyewitness tori confam say Nigerian military scata peaceful march wen dem begin fire pipo wit live bullet without any warning wey dey against Nigeria and international law''.

''Those wey wunjor chop bullet for different parts for bodi wey include head, neck, back, chest, shoulder, leg, arms - and dem nack some of them wit more dan one bullet'', na so she tok.

She add join say, ''This strategy confam say soldiers and police cari mind to shoot-to-kill instead of to bring law and order''.

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One medical worker near Abuja tell Amnesty International say, by herself she treat 57 pipo wey get bullet wounds and di bullets still dey inside di bodi of most of di patients.

Amnesty International claim say since one massacre of over 350 IMN supporters for Zaria in 2015, Nigeria authorities dey use military steady to deal wit IMN protest or march dem.

Na dis strategy fit dey responsible for di plenti blood wey full ground for Saturday and Monday.

Di human rights group dey beg Nigerian authorities make dem use international law to do full and independent investigate on top di deaths of di IMN members for di hand of security forces.

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Shiites: Fear-fear for Abuja as El-Zakzaky supporters wan do anoda march

A,B,C about Shiites for Nigeria?

IMN na Shi'a religious and political group for Nigeria wey dia oga, Ibraheem Yaqub El-Zakzaky, be strong follower and preacher of Shi'a Islam for Nigeria since di 1980s.

During protests for Saturday and Monday, IMN members dey demand make authorities release Sheik Ibrahim El Zakzaky, wey one federal court don tok say im detention since 2015 no follow law and e dey unconstitutional.

Between 12 and 14 December 2015, according to Amnesty International research, security forces for Zaria, Kaduna state kill ova 350 IMN members afta dem clash wit convoy of di chief of army staff Lt. General Tukur Burutai.