Canada wan deport illegal Nigerian migrants

Migrants raise hand dey try enta Canada

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Plenti Nigerians don run go Canada from America

Canada wan march accelerator on top deportation of illegal migrants wey dey use leg waka enta di kontri from dia border wit America.

Nigerians na one of di major pipo wey authorities dey target pass, since na dem be one of di biggest illegal migrants wey dey enta di North America kontri wella.

E fit be di 2019 general elections for Canada wey dey ginger di Liberal goment to fight dis wahala now-now to win votes.

Six lawyers confam to tori pipo Reuters say na true goment dey sharperly increase di way dem dey handle border-crosser cases wit focus on pipo from Haiti and Nigeria.

More than 36,000 pipo wey include thousands of Nigerians run go Canada from di United States beginning from January 2017 to claim asylum, unto say dem dey fear US President Donald Trump election promise to deal wit illegal immigration.

And oga Trump dey try keep dis promise. just dis week im announce say im wan change law wey dey give automatic American citizenship to pikin wey dem born for US.

Wia dis foto come from, Getty Images

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Canada dey accept plenti pipo wey run comot dia kontri as refugee

Di high increase of asylum seekers wey dey run enta Canada don cause serious political kasala for small population kontri wey get system of choosing migrants based on good education and work experience.

Refugee lawyers and border officers don tok say di way Prime Minister Justin Trudeau dey cari dis mata for head na im way of dealing wit mata wey don become hot political somtin for im Liberal Party ahead of general election for 2019.

Border Security Minister Bill Blair no gree tok wit tori pipo on top dis latest immigration and border mata.