CodeLagos showcase app from school pikin wey fit help you arrange painter and electrician

Winner for CodeLagos Hackaton

Wia dis foto come from, Twitter/CodeLagos

Wetin we call dis foto,

Badagry Senior Grammar School carri number 1 position for di competition

CodeLagos Hackathon na programme wey Lagos State goment organise for school pikin dem to use technology to try bring solution to pipo lives, and dis young pikin dem don already do ogbonge tins.

Di Hackaton (#hackaton) event na for 16 teams from different-different schools for Lagos State wey go come present dia concept on how to move di city forward to be "smart city".

Di Deputy Govnor, Lagos State, Idiat Adebule on Thursday say CodeLagos programme dey happun for 648 schools for Lagos state and na way for "interactive handshake to shele between coders and investors".

According to Adebule, di Hackaton event go make am possible "for young pipo to contribute inside Lagos plan to be di centre of technology for Africa".

Ogbonge tins wey di Hackaton pikin dem produce

Sabi wia doti pipo dey

Lagos State Senior Model College Badagry do one app wey dem call KATO wey go epp pipo to find wia pipo wey dey clear dot for di state dey. E no too tey wey pipo for Lagos tell BBC News Pidgin say dem n believe say di doti condition suppose improve afta goment bring one new order.

Health Plus - book hospital appointment from your chair

Dis one na from Ibeji High school, wey call dia name - Team E-Smart - and dem do di 'Health Plus' app wey go epp pesin to arrange hospital appointment.

Di app go also inform hospital of any emergency wey you get and go connect to di hospital wey near you pass for your area.

Arrange electrician to fix your generator

IGoFer na one service wey be like wetin dem dey call 'virtual market' wia pesin fit arrange for pipo wey go do work like electrician, plumber, bricklayer etc for dem.

Dis one, di team wey build am say, pesin go fit take dia service from anywia. Customers fit use dia website and WhatsApp.