Halloween or New Yam Festival?


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Wetin we call dis foto,

Pipo dey tink say Halloween na foreign tin, but e get those wey dey mark am for Africa

Every year many pipo for different kontris dey dress up like witch and ghost to celebrate Halloween wey dey happun every October 31.

Halloween na festival of Samhain, wey be olden days Celtic religion for United Kingdom and oda parts of Europe.

Many pipo for abroad dey do am and some of di tins wey dem dey do be 'trick-or-treat' (make children dey waka find sweet for dia area), watch horror feem and even wear one kain cloth join.

Wen Christian religion come, di day change to All Hallows Eve - di day before All Saints Day on 1 November.

For Nigeria, some pipo don begin dey carri di Halloween tin for head, dem dey celebrate am and even use di opportunity to do party sef. Odas don say Africans no suppose dey celebrate Halloween, say na borrowed culture. Some pipo say if Africans wan celebrate culture, say dem get many to choose from.

Three ogbonge festivals wey pesin fit join celebrate for Nigeria

New Yam Festival

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Na festival wey most pipo for middle belt, south south and south east of Nigeria dey do everi year. Dis festival dey happun for di end of rainy season, and different communities get dia own time wen e dey start from early August to October.

Yam Festival dey represent di harvest and di beginning of di next work cycle. Most pipo wey dey do dis festival no dey chop new yam until afta di festival finish.

Osun Festival

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Di festival of Osun-Osgobo, na one of di biggest event for Nigeria, wia pipo dey come celebrate di god wey dey give pikin for Osun.

Di two weeks festival dey happun every August with di Iwopopo, wey be di traditional cleansing of di town from evil.

Every year thousands of pipo all around di world dey visit Osogbo to offer dia sacrifice to di river goddess wey dem believe dey give dem protection and bless dia women with pikin.

Argungu Fishing Festival

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Di reason behind di Argungu fishing festival na to promote unity and fishing. Dis festival dey happun every year for Kebbi state north western part of Nigeria.

Thousands of fishermen go line up like army, carry dia traditional fishing nets. Wen dem hear di sound of di gun dem go jump inside di river, dem get just one hour to catch di biggest fish.