Rape: Na 2,600 women we treat for just one town - Doctors Witout Borders

Dis na foto wey dem snap on July 02, 2011: E show women dey wait for one medical centre for Kanguli village wia rape victims from adjacent Nakiele village are being treated

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Doctors witout Borders wey be charity organization don tok say dem treat 2,600 victims of sexual violence for just one town since May last year.

Since dat time, tori of rape don common including how dem rape one woman next to di deadi bodi of her husband, rape of five year old pikin and a man wey dem force to rape im own nebor.

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Victim of sexual violence

Out of di many victims wey di humanitarian organisation don treat, more than 150 of dem dey under 15 years and at least 20 dey under five years.

Di town na Kananga for Democratic Republic of Congo, wia rape na weapon of war.

Kanaga town for di central province of Kasai na one of di poorest regions for DR Congo and mata worse wen ethnic fight fight happun for 2016.

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At least 20 pikin dem under di age of 5 years na victim of sexual violence for di town

80% of victims say na gun men attack dem.

Di United Nations don tok say human rights abuse for di region na di work of defence and security forces and oda militants like Kamuina Nsapu and Banu Mura.

One of di major wahala be say victims no dey helep sharperly afta dem suffer sexual violence, even though quick treatment dey important against infections like HIV.

Apart from medical and psychological kasala wey rape dey bring, e normal make victims suffer discrimination for di hand of dia own community.

Dis na why rape di scata di peace and for di region.

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Denis Mukwege

Na sake of dis sexual violence palava, Denis Mukwenge na one of di winners of dis year Nobel Peace Prize.

Dr Mukwege along wit im colleagues don treat tens of thousands of victims. Im na three-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee for im work wit gang rape victims inside DR Congo.

Im and im colleagues fit don treat up to 30,000 victims as im be expert to treat serious sexual wound.

Dr Mukwege don win oda international prize, like di 2008 UN Human Rights Prize, and for 2009 im be African of di Year.