Dis three Nigerian-American sisters cari belle at di same time

Di three sisters Image copyright Cynthia 'Onye' Onyejiji
Image example Di three sisters wit three belle

One foto of three beautiful sisters wey pose wit long white gowns for beach don make pipo for internet scata sotey e go viral.

Wetin dey extra special for dis foto be say evri bodi inside am cari belle.

Chika Okafor, Ogechi Babalola and Onyeka Ufere na di Nigerian-American sisters inside di foto thousands of pipo don share for internet especially for groups wey focus on pregnancy.

Onyeka tell BBC say she jolli to dey experience dis kain tin wit her sisters weda na di good, bad or ugly side, all join.

She say even di pain sweet dis time around sake of say her sisters dey for di same team wit am.

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Three sisters, three belle at di same time

But na dia mama dey jolli pass, Chika say, 'she dey over di moon, she don share di foto wit evri bodi wey she know'.

'Wen she wake up for morning, she go begin dey sing, she dey hapi wella', na wetin Onyeka add join.

Wen BBC reporter Bola Mosuro ask dem how mama go do omugo for di three sisters, dem ansa back say dia mamas-in-law go dey involved well well to helep.

Chika say e reach like two weeks before Onyeka own wen she find out say she dey cari belle.

Image copyright Cynthia 'Onye' Onyejiji

While di youngest sister Ogechi gap Chika wit two months and Onyeka wit two months plus.

According to Chika and Onyeka, dia hormones dey push dem to eat fast food like toast bread, fruits and pizzas pass dia normal diet.

Dem say dem dey surprise as di foto enta viral mode.

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