Trump video dey make Nigeria army defend why dem shoot protesters


Wia dis foto come from, AFP

Wetin we call dis foto,

Security forces say gbege happun wen di protesters try to force dia way pass one checkpoint

Nigerian army don bring out one video of America President Donald Trump, wey im say soldiers suppose use force for migrants wey dey throw army stones, to take defend why dem shoot shia group dis week.

"Wen dem throw stones … see am like gun," na wetin Trump tok for di video.

Nigeria police arrest 400 members of a Shia Muslim sect wey do I no go gree waka for di capital dis week.

Amnesty international bin condemn Nigeria army for di killing say di Shia protesters been dey peaceful.

But tok-tok pesin for Nigerian army defend dia decision to shoot di protesters for Abuja say na becos dem dey armed, im tell BBC say dis na wetin Trump bin dey tok about".

Army share di video for dia official twitter handle come add dis caption "abeg watch den make up ur mind".

Di video show America president dey tok about Central American migrants, dem wan throw army stones [then] our army go fight back".

Nigeria Army tok-tok pesin Brig Gen John Agim say di army post di video to react to rights group's report wey dey accuse di army say dem use weapons against Shia protesters.

Di army no mention di fact say US embassy for Abuja tell authorities to to hold pipo wey get to break di law for Nigeria".

Nobody fit really confam di number of Shia Muslim protesters wey Nigeria army kill for di capital, Abuja.

Nigerian army say six protesters die but di protest group say plenty pipo na im die, and rights group Amnesty International say di number reach 45.

Members of Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN), wan make dem release dia leader Ibrahim Zakzaky wey goment dey hold now for 34 months.

But Brig Agim tell BBC say Amnesty statement wey say di protesters no dey armed na lie, "police see 31 petrol bombs with di protesters with guns, knives and stones".

"Di Shia pipo dey always stop di work wey dem dey do," na wetin im add put say dem dey block arms convoy for weekend and overrun di checkpoint on Monday.

Brig Agim say no be true say dem be protesters", im say dem be "aggressors".

Shias for Nigeria

Wia dis foto come from, AFP

  • Shia na minority for Nigeria but dia numbers don dey increase
  • Na 1980 dey for IMN, na di main Shia group wey Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky be leader
  • Dey dem operate dia own schools and hospitals for some northern states
  • Dem get history of plenty kwanta with security forces