Mimi Mefo: Freedom of speech still dey far for my kontri

Mimi Mefo

Wia dis foto come from, Mimi Mefo

Wetin we call dis foto,

Mimi Mefo dey work for Equinox TV

Mimi Mefo wey be tori pesin Cameroon security pipo invite on accuse of "cyber-criminality and say she dey spread informate wey be lie-lie," say dis wan don show say freedom of speech still far for her kontri.

Officials of di Littoral Gendarmerie legion go kwesion Mimi, wey be di deputy editor-in-chief in charge of English language programs of local television channel, Equinox TV, for Douala on Monday.

Dis wan dey inside summons wey deputy commander of di Littoral Gendarmerie legion, Colonel Boum Bissou Raymond, sama her wit.

Mimi Mefo wey be one of Cameroon best female journalists, and she dey always report di Anglophone crisis, tell BBC Pidgin say "goment no fit make me fear".

"If dem stop me to report wetin dey happun for Anglophone regions, e no go profit anybodi," she tok.

Mimi wey say she no sabi why dem invite her, say she no go surprise if na because of how she dey take torchlight wetin dey happun for di Anglophone regions for her kontri.

Dis wan wey dem summon her look like say her cup don full and say Cameroon security forces don dey torhclight her tey-tey.

She say na wen she reach court on Monday, she go realli understand wetin dey go on.

Wia dis foto come from, Mimi Mefo

Former Equinox TV Journalist, Prince Nfor Hanson bin tok for September say security pipo dey monitor both im and Mimi.

"Make di world sabi say Mimi Mefo of Equinoxe fit dey arrested and or eliminated any time," im write den.

"Just as dem take come my house, dem don begin visit her house…"

Cameroon no too dey friendly for tori pipo and dem bin arrest many on October 21 wia dem dey cover peaceful march for Douala wey opposition parliamentarian call to protest dia claim say wayo happun for di presidential election.

Cameroon Journalists don take over social media di ask make goment free Mimi Mefo, one of de best female journalist for Cameroon, weh e don dare go Batibo cover Anglophone crisis.

Na social media post weh take e go prison as state prosecutor say e tampa with state security with dis post.

So for Facebook most journalists change dia fotos put na Mimi Mefo e own for show solidarity.

Den twitter don get #FreeMimiMefo