How you fit take make moni if you sabi play video games

Gaming for Ivory Coast

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Video games na big deal among young pipo

For 2016, wen professional Brazilian footballer Wendell Lira retire at di age of 27 say im dey go play FIFA video game as full time job, pipo tink say im don mad.

Many pipo still tink say to play video game na small pikin tin or wetin pesin no suppose to take serious.

Wetin dem no sabi be say video games don pass dat level. E don pass di days wey boys and girls go gada for one room dey play for fun. Though fun still dey am, now if pesin video game skill tight wella, moni dey inside to make.

Four ways you fit make money as gamer


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Pesin dey play games for Lagos Comic Con

For Nigeria, places dey for Lagos and di capital Abuja wia pipo dey make moni for gaming communities.

Na mostly football or wetin dem dey call 'FIFA' dem dey play, but oda games dey too for di competition.

For events like di West African Games Expo (WAGE) or Comic Con sef, you fit find dat kain competition to test your skills against odas.

WAGE dis year dey organise one million naira give di team wey win for di FIFA competition.

Professional Gaming

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Invictus Gaming na one od di professional eSport teams

For major competitions for world, na mostly teams dem dey use play am. So if pesin good well-well, dis teams fit call you to sign for dem as player for di eSport world.

No forget dat Brazilian footballer Wendell wey leave football go play video game.

Moni wey pesin fit win for dis level fit enta millions of naira.

Streaming sites

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If you dey play video games regularly for places like YouTube, you fit make moni as di platform dey pay pipo wey drop content for di site. Infact sef, gaming don popular for di site sotey dem don even get one category specially for am. Di only tin be say make pipo dey watch your game wella.

Youtube dey give you moni on top videos if you get pass one thousand subscribers and e mean say pesin fit make roughly about N36,000 per month from di platform alone.


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Sam Morgan, wey be personal shopper, start to dey sell market with top football stars on top video game

One of di benefits of social media na how pipo dey take connect, make new friends and do bizness.

Na so 17 years old personal shopper Sam Morgan for London meet sporting celebs like Paul Pogba, Dele Alli and Kevin de Bruyne come become dia customers sharp sharp.