Police arrest kidnappers wey buy two newborn pikin for N350,000

Suspects on di factory mata Image copyright Facebook/ Nigeria Police Force
Image example Emmanuel Chigozie Elesuwa and Chioma David na two of di suspects wey police parade

Nigeria Police don parade for Abuja three pipo wey dem accuse say dey buy and sell new born pikin as operation to rescue 35 pregnant girls/women, six pikin and one newborn dey successful.

Emmanuel Chigozie Elesuwa, Chioma David and Chief Lilian Nma Achumba, enta police net as 'notorious' suspects wey dey part of criminal gang wey dia market na to sell pikin inside and outside of di kontri and according to dia confession, dem don dey do am for more than 10 years.

For inside statement wey police tok tok pesin, CSP Aremu Adeniran release, dem say na on 20 July, 2018, di whole gbege start afta officers from police and and di Nigerian Immigration Service on patrol for di Idi-Iroko border for Ogun State, kwesion Elesuwa and David about who get di two new born pikin wey dem dey carri.

But di two suspects refuse to give ansa wey make sense. Afta more investigate, di two confess say dem buy two newborn pikin for N350,000 from Achumba- owner of Nma Charity Home for Aba, Abia - and dia plan na to sell dem for Benin Republic for N1.4 million.

Dis one make di police go raid Nma Charity Home wia dem rescue 35 pregnant girls/women, six pikin and one new born pikin. Twenty eight of di pregnant woman and three pikin dem don return to dia families, police tok.

Di suspects dem case dey court now and if dem dey guilty, dem fit spend di rest of dia life for prison.

For September 2017, Nigeria lawmakers pass law wia dem approve death sentence for anybodi wey dey guilty of kidnapping, abduction, dey use human being for ransom business. Thirty years na for anybodi wey give dat kain pesin epp.

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