Toke Makinwa birthday foto wey make Nigerians hala

Toke Makinwa

Wia dis foto come from, Twitter / @tokstarr

Wetin we call dis foto,

Na one of di foto wey break internet for Nigeria be dis - di one wey be like say wan resemble anoda America celebrity

To take celebrate her 34 years birthday, Nigeria radio celebrity Toke Makinwa, release some foto on Saturday wey make pipo begin wonda if she wan turn hersef into di kontri Kim Kardashian.

Internet don break - as dem dey tok am - afta Makinwa comot like six foto wey show all her bodi except for some small area.

For one she wear white, anoda she wear red and di last one na like gold.

Pipo wey no fit handle am don cari enta social media to tok dia mind.

One user for Twitter with handle @ItzWisemanJesus no waste time to show foto wey compare how Makinwa be many years before - wia she dark - and how she be today, wey her skin don do u-turn.

But odas, follow di internet celebrity to celebrate: @KingNoCulture say "Toke Makinwa dey look good at [age] 34", come end am with two fire icon and one love icon.

Wetin we call dis foto,

Makinwa bin follow BBC Focus Africa tok for 2017 on why her book sell well-well

How social media dey react

Makinwa on her social media account also introduce hersef as best selling author.