Four Catholic priests kidnapped in Nigeria don regain dia freedom

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Di Catholic community for Edo and Warri dey celebrate as four priests wey gunmen gbab don free on Friday, 9 November.

Andrew Aniamaka wey be tok tok pesin for Delta state police tell BBC say na true tok di priests don regain dia freedom.

Rev. Fr. Mike Onyanofoh, Chancellor for di Catholic Archdiocese of Benin also tok say dem don cari di priests go hospital for Benin, Edo state for full treatment.

Di four priests na, Rev Fathers. Emmanuel Obadjere for Warri Diocese, Victor Adigboluja of Ijebu Ode Diocese, Anthony Otegbola of Abeokuta Diocese and Joseph Ediae of Benin Archdiocese.

Gunmen gbab di four men wey dey travel from Delta go one reunion event for Edo state, south south Nigeria around 3.30pm for Tuesday, 6 November.

Chancellor Onyanofoh tok say na collabo between police for Delta and Edo state launch mission to rescue di priests.

Tori be say di gunmen pick race wen dem see say di police rescue team dey draw near.

Delta state Commissioner of Police, Mustafa Muhammed, tell tori pipo say dem don arrest some of di suspects.

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2018 na year catholic missionaries no go forget unto different kain attacks.

E neva reach three weeks wey dem kidnap five Catholic nuns for di same Delta state.

Tori be say di nuns dey return from burial ceremony for di south eastern region of Nigeria wen gunmen show from nowhere, shoot dia motor, wunjure two nuns and cari dem comot.

Oga Aniamaka tok say dem release di nuns two weeks later and dem don detain one suspect but di senior police officer no wan say weda dem pay ransom to free di nuns.

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Image example Di killi killi of two catholic priests for Benue state dis year vex Bishops for Nigeria sotey dem order dia members to do peaceful protest

For January dis year, Nigeria bishops join hand togeda to condemn di way kidnapping for ransom dey increase for di kontri.

Na di killing of two priests for Benue State, north central Nigeria by suspected herdsmen ginger di bishops, wey no fit hold bodi as dem cry during di priests funeral, to tok dia own on top di insecurity wahala.

From 13 November 2017 until 6 January 2018, kidnappers hold six Nigerian nuns.

Na from dia convent for Iguoriakhi, Edo state na im gunmen cari di six Sisters of di Eucharistic Heart of Jesus afta dem rob dia house, before dem force di women enta speedboat wey dey on top river.

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