Minimum wage: Na presidency sabi wetin dem dey tok, na 30k we sabi - Nigeria Labour Congress

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Image example Head of di Minimum Wage Tripartite Committee Amal Pepple bin present dia report to President Buhari on Tuesday

Nigeria Labour Congress say wetin dem want na for President Muhammadu Buhari to carri recommendations of di minimum wage committee go National Assembly.

Peter Ozo-Eson wey be di General Secretary of NLC, tell BBC Pidgin say all di tok about weda di president use im mouth take confam di N30,000 as minimum wage for workers, no concern dem.

"Wetin dey important be say oga prsido set up committee and dat committee don make recommendation of N30,000 minimum wage wey be say e no even reach onto say wetin we bin want na 66k," im tok.

Im add say time for tok-tok don pass, as labour stand on dat recommendation and no go accept any oda negotiation on di figure.

Nigeria presidency on Thursday say Presido Muhammadu Buhari no ever carri mouth agree say workers for di kontri go collect N30,000 as new minimum wage, say na only National Assembly fit make wetin di committee tok, become law.

Di presidency explain wetin di president tok for twitter.

Wen im bin receive di report, Presido Buhari say anoda committee go check wetin di Amal Pepple committee don recommend, before dem go send final figure as executive bill to National Assembly.

Di NLC General Secretary say how di president wan take carri out im duty na im bizness, say im fit do any tin im want wit di document, but say dia position be say dem no dey expect anytin less than di N30,000.

"We expect dem to act in a mata of weeks, because we no go wait forever as our members don dey patient for over a year," oga Ozo-Eson tok.

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