Mimi Mefo: Cameroon goment explain why dem lock journalist for prison

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Image example Mimi Mefo go appear for court on Monday

Cameroon goment tok-tok pesin, Issa Tchiroma Bakary say de lock journalist Mimi Mefo Takambou for seka say de catch e red handed as e publish lie weh e fit harm public authority, insult civil servant and incite make pipo revolt against authorities.

Deh bin summon Mimi for gendarmerie for fake news, and cyber-criminality and wen deh question e for November 7, deh send e for military court and afta lock e for prison.

E go appear for military court for Monday, November 12.

Issa Tchiroma read weti weh deh take form Mimi Mefo e post weh na different tin from de one weh deh read wen deh di question e but weh e still tok say na army kill foreign missionary Charles Wesco.

Tchiroma narrate how weh defense minister tok say deh di investigate de Wesco e killing but say Mimi Mefo bi still go ahead for write say na army kill Charles Wesco weh test show say na terrorist bullet killam.

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"As we fit see, Mimi Mefo e words dem alter reality, spread lies, weh e di put loyal army weh for e legal fight for shame and dis wan too bad for de moral for de troops", Tchiroma tok.

So section 113 for penal code di punish Mimi Mefo for fake news, lies weh e fit harm public authority and section 154 for criminal code fit punish e for insult for civil servant plus say e fit incite revolt against goment.

Even as goment tok-tok pesin confirm why deh lock de journalist, syndicate for journalists don call e mimbas make de boycott activities dem weh goment di organise for 10 days.

Cameroon English speaking journalists also condemn de arrest and oda media associations.

Politicians too put mop for condemn dis arrest, opposition party leaders, SDF John Fru Ndi, CRM Maurice Kamto and plenti oda pipo dem. Also human rights groups say make goment free Mimi Mefo.

Mimi Mefo no be de only journalist weh deh lock for Cameroon as some di appear for military court for seka dia reporting for Anglophone crisis.

Dis don make de plenti journalist say goment no di do well as e di mash-mash for dia press freedom and especially de wan for journalists weh deh di write for English.

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