Buhari 2019 Next Level vs TheAtikuPlan vs ObyPolicy, di koko of di mata

Atiku, Buhari and Oby

As soon as Nigeria election office - Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) cut ribbon make political parties and dia candidates begin official campaign against 2019 general election last Sunday three presidential candidates no waste time before dem follow dis order.

President Muhammadu Buhari of di ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) launch im action plan wey im tok say go cari Nigeria reach di next level, former Vice President Alhaji Atiku Abubakar of di main opposition People's Democratic Party no dull as im tok say na im own plan go make Nigeria begin dey work again.

While Madam Oby Ezekwesili, wey be former goment minister, wey dey rep di Allied Congress Party of Nigeria (ACPN) open eye afta she dream wit her own plan wey she tok say go comot millions of Nigeria from hardship wey dem don face tey tey.

One tin di three candidates agree on be say, dis dia campaign promises wey dem don launch go produce ogbonge harvest wey go belle full Nigerians wella if dem choose di right candidate for next year election.

BBC News Pidgin torchlight all di tins wey dem tok to enta di koko of some of dia campaign promise to see am dem be.


Oga Buhari tok say chance dey to create 1 million tear rubber jobs through im N-Power project, create anoda 5 million jobs through mechanised agriculture plus including more jobs investment of up to $500million for areas wey include technology and entertainment to and loan for business pipo and farmers wey go create anoda 500,000 jobs.

Atiku promise to create at least 2.5 million job evri year and dis go comot at least 50 million pipo away from poverty by 2025.

As for training Buhari get plans to give 200,000 young pipo training for agriculture so dem fit practise mechanised farming wit technology wey go make also sure say food boku for di kontri.

Atiku say im go comot tear rubber jobs through di national open training programme wey go train one-million trainees evri year.

Madam Ezekwesili say as part of her agenda she go launch di 12 Cities Project. Dis project go change 12 Nigerian cities into world standard wit beta evri tin weda na light, road, buildings and wey go attract investment so dat e go grow di economy and create millions of tear rubber jobs.

She recognize say na pipo wey dey do small jobs dey bring money enta di economy and she dey promise to support dem wit advice and comot any road block wey dey prevent dem from making even more money.

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Buhari wan comot Nigeria from crude oil economy to one wey dey produce oda tins.

Im plan na for di six geopolitical zones and states for Nigeria to develop six industrial parks and economic areas wey go dey produce raw materials by diasef wey go contribute to di economy.

Madam Ezekwesili too wan grow di economy wey go do u-turn for only crude oil through her Six Growth Poles strategy. Dis idea na to focus and increase di economic potential of di six geopolitical regions through collabo wit Private sector and goments for di region.

If na oga Atiku tanda for Aso Villa afta next year election im wan increase di way Nigeria convert crude oil to petrol and export around 50% of petrol go oda ECOWAS kontries dem. But im also wan increase di export of oda tins Nigeria fit produce by 2035 and di way im wan achieve am na to borrow manufacturers moni.

So food go plenti for market, technology na di koko, Buhari goment go give farmers all over Nigeria tractors and oda machines dem go need.

Atiku promise to invest and support 50 million small and medium size companies if im be president for 2019.

Atiku promise to double di Gross Domestic Product, wey be di total moni Nigeria dey make to $900 billion by 2025.

Anoda area wia Atiku go work im magic na to sign di African Continental Free Trade Area agreement so African kontris go dey trade wit diasef witout border.

Madam Ezekwesili wan partner with Private Sector so dem go torchlight areas dem need to focus to increase Nigeria economy to at least $10/hour over di next four years. One of di way dem go achieve dis na to remove all road blocks wey dey prevent some areas regulation and goment wahala. Dem go promote sectors wey get potential through plan wey include trade, tax, infrastructure, skills, training, and research and development.


Oga Buhari say im go complete di Ibadan-Kano rail, Port Harcourt- Maiduguri rail, Lagos-Calabar coastal rail, 2nd Niger Bridge, East-West road, Abuja-Kaduna-Zaria to Kano road and odas.

As for di mata of road, oga Atiku say im go repair and develop 5,000km of road network by 2025 also by dat same year im for don build up to 5,000km of correct railway.

Beta access to beta road go make business beta and dis na why Madam Ezekwesili say she go build good road and repair di ones wey dey ground. She say her goment go increase road for di kontri from 65,000km to 120,000km.

Oga Buhari promise say im goment go increase electricity supply to 7000MW wey go give nine universities, 300 markets light wey no dey off. E no finish dia, im goment fo launch $550million power project for rural areas.

Atiku say Nigeria get potential to increase light for di kontri but di koko of di mata be say too much wahala dey for power sector. So wetin im wan do be say im go remove all di wahala wey dey around di neck of dis area, weda na debts, regulation and odas.

Just like Atiku, Madam Ezekwesili say wetin Nigeria power sector need na serious reform because chance dey for di industry to dey produce more light. So she go give Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) teeth wey go make am strong gidigba to improve power mata for di kontri. Her goment go alos chook eye into oda way Nigerians fit create light wey fresh and clean like solar, wind and durty.


Madama Ezekwesili tok say as tins dey 13.5million pikin no dey go school and even di ones wey dey go, di level of education don wor-wor. Dis na why di former education minister go make education and skills development her number one agenda. She say she go turn up wella for education mata is she become presido.

She go improve di quality of di teachers wey goment dey give work, she go improve dia training, change curriculum to beta one of di 21st century for schools and university, increase support for schools and university wit moni plus including scholarship and loan for students.

Buhari say total u-turn for education na one of di biggest tins im wan achieve.

Im say evri pikin dey important and im ready to do anytin to prepare teachers and classrooms so dem fit achieve correct educational accolades wey go grow di kontri.

Im wan upgrade 10,000 schools evri year and retrain teachers for science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics.

Oga Buhari wan increase food school pikins dem dey chop wey go affect 15million pikins dem.

Atiku say im wan transfer di control of public primary education to local goment unto say as grassroot dem go manage am beta than federal goment. Im also say im wan increase investment for infrastructure inside schools.