AFRIFF 2018: 'Kasala' di feem wey cinemas no gree show for Nigeria win top award

Ema Edosio

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Feemaker Ema Edosio

Last Friday, 17 November for Lagos state, south west Nigeria na special day wey young Nigerian feemaker Ema Edosio no go quick forget.

She sidon for big event centre wit oda ogbonge Nollywood feemakers and actors dey listen as dem dey announce di winners of di 2018 Africa International Film Festival (AFRIFF) Globe awards.

AFRIFF na feem festival wey dey happun for Nigeria every year to reward ogbonge feem from all over Africa under different category.

Edosio first feem 'Kasala' bin dey among di nominees, her heart stop for one second dat day wen she hear di presenter announce say 'Kasala' na di winner of di Audience Choice Award.

She tell BBC News Pidgin say di tori sweet am for belle say her first feem, 'Kasala', win di top prize but she dey surprised.

''Di tin shock me sake of say cinemas for Nigeria no gree show my feem''.

''Kasala na movie wey be underdog, na my low budget feem wey l use my own money take produce but e dey compete wit big movies so as l win, e humble me,'' na so Edosio tok.

Wia dis foto come from, Ema Edosio/Instagram

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Kasala di movie

Kasala di feem from di streets about di streets

Na for Ojuelegaba/Surulere inside di ghettos of Lagos di tori of Kasala bin comot from.

Tunji wey be guy man, and im friends go borrow Tunji uncle motor to take cruise for town.

Yawa gas for di paddy dem wen di motor enta accident and dem only get five hours to find moni to fix di motor before Uncle return from work.

So waka of di boys to find quick solution na wetin be di main tori of Kasala.

Wia dis foto come from, Ema Edosio/Instagram

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Tunji, di main character for Kasala

According to Edosio, di fact say Kasala win dis award proof some tins.

Aside from di fact say di main actors inside di movie no popular like dat, e prove say young feemakers no need plenti moni to make feem wey fit blow.

Kasala also show say no be only comedy movies Nigerians like plus say no be only for Nigeria cinemas feemakers fit show dia movies, as Kasala for example don waka go over 20 feem festivals including United Nations.

From computer science to feemaking

Edosio na computer science graduate but she say di love and passion she get for feem na wetin cari am enta Nollywood.

She say na music videos first ginger her, sotay she go beg top music video director Clarence Peters to give am job.

Na so she begin climb ladder from bottom as production assistant reach di top as cameraman, editor producer and director.

Edosio say she don begin work on her second feem, 'Emi' wey translate from Yoruba language to 'Spirit' for English.

Wia dis foto come from, Ema Edosio/Instagram

Wetin we call dis foto,

Audience Choice Award for 2018 AFRIFF

Emi na di tori of mechanic wey become dancer but im get big secret wey im dey hide.

Emi na continuation of di kain movies wey Ema dey like torchlight, street life wey get heart, mind and soul.