Blac Chyna wan launch bleaching cream Whitenicious for Lagos, Nigeria

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America celebrity Angela White alias Blac Chyna dey fall into Lagos, Nigeria dis weekend.

According to her Instagram, na business dey cari Chyna come sake of say she dey collabo wit di makers of skin bleaching cream 'Whitenicious'.

Di 30 year old reality TV star dey invite her 14.8 million Instagram followers to di official launch of Diamond Illuminating & Lightening cream for Lagos di commercial capital of Nigeria.

Image copyright Blac Chyna/Instagram

She say, 'Lagos Nigeria, join me for di first official launch of my face cream dis Sunday November 25th for di Whitenicious store from 1-5pm.

She add put say, ''na evri bodi dey invited'.

Di cream wey dey inside small container dem decorate wit shine shine go cost customers up to $250 wey be around N90,000 for Naira.

For social media pipo don sama Chyna wit yabis.

Di makers of Whitenicious for dia website tok say, 'dis cream na to correct those hard areas of di bodi like dark knuckles, knees, elbows, bum bum and oda parts wey dey turn black by force'.

World Health Organisation (WHO) say Nigeria na di number one customer of skin bleaching cream.

According to WHO, women dey believe say di more dem yellow, di more dem go fine, dey successful and marry.

Sabi pipo say bleaching cream dey spoil di skin sotay e fit cause cancer.

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Bleaching dey scata bladder, kidney and e fit kill

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