Why dem dey thief deadi bodi for Kano cemetery

Graves Image copyright PIUS UTOMI EKPEI

Former Special Adviser to Kano State Govnor on Graveyard mata, Yakubu Nagoda say if goment no pay di over 20 months salary wey dem dey owe cemetery gatemen, bad pipo go continue dey steal deadi bodi.

Nagoda tell BBC Pidgin dis wan afta some suspected juju pipo dig up two graves for Fagge cemetery for Kano State last week and steal some deadi bodi dem wey dey inside.

"For over 20 months dem no pay dis pipo (cemetery diggers and gatemen) and dia salary na only N4,000 every month.

"How bad pipo no go dey enta cemetary to steal dead bodi since di pipo wey suppose dey guard di place go go look for food since goment no pay dem," im ask.

Nagoda add say goment suppose do more for both di cemeteries wey dey Kano and di pipo wey dey work dia.

Goment official wey follow BBC Pidgin tok but no want im name to come out, say na local goment suppose dey pay di workers.

E say state goment dey only come in wen burial ground problems pass local goment power.

Image example Tukuntawa Burial ground for Kano

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