Gunmen kill Kenyan Catholic priest for Kembong, Cameroon

Cameroon army Image copyright Getty Images

Gunmen kill another religious man, Fr Cosmos Omboto Ondari, weh na Mill Hill priest from Kenya weh e bin di serve for Kembong for Manyu division, Southwest Cameroon.

Tori na say de man of God, be stand for front church wen den shoot e and e die one taim. Deh ordain de late fada for Kisli for Kenya for March last year den post e for Mamfe as St. Joseph missionary society tok.

Communication officer for Mamfe Catholic Diocese say deh di still write release about de mata.

As den kill fada Cosmos Ondari e add for de number for church pipo weh den kill as de Anglophone crisis di go before. Last month deh kill American Missionary, Charles Wesco for Bambili for Northwest region.

Father Sob Nougui also die afta den shoot for Southwest region plus Ghanaian pastors weh den kill for Batibo for Northwest region.

De situation for de two Anglophone regions di so so bad, and na so pipo di die. For Northwest region army kill about 20 separatist forces for dia camp for Bali near Bamenda. But for Menji for Mamfe road, na separatist forces kill 14 army pipo as army source tok.

All dis killing di happen for taim weh Ravina Shamdasani assistant tok-tok person for United Nations Human Rights office for Geneva say den di get report erveryday for de kana bad human rights situation for de two Anglophone regions. E say UN di still ask foment permission for kam shine eye for weti di happen de two regions.

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