Kano Nigeria: 'Some Pipo dey come bury different juju for cemetery'

Graves Image copyright PIUS UTOMI EKPEI
Image example Graves like dis one wey no too deep common for some areas in di northern part of di kontri

Some cemetery workers for Kano, north west Nigeria don dig up several charms wey some pipo come bury for di cemetery over di years.

Abu Gwadebe wey say e don dey work for Tukuntawa burial ground inside Kano for 13 years as a grave digger explain to BBC News Pidgin on Friday how dem dey take locate wia pipo bury charm wen dem come work for morning.

"Most charms for dis part of di kontri dey get perfume or some kind of scent wey dey attract scorpions or some insects, so when we come in di morning and we see insects circle a particular place we go go dig up to comot di charm."

Gwadebe say im dey beg goment to increase dia pay and to replace di solar lights wey tiff pipo steal in oda to light up di place and discourage pipo wey get bad intentions for night time.

Uba Ibrahim say im don dey do cemetery work for eleven years and for di cemetery no single case of deadi bodi stealing but dey beg goment to fix di lights for Tukuntawa Burial Ground.

"Na tiff dey come steal di solar lights and if di place continue to be dark bad pipo fit take advantage to carry out dia bad acts."

Image example Tukuntawa Burial ground for Kano

On dia salaries wey some workers claim say dem no dey get, di workers yan say na two types of workers dey Kano cemeteries, state government staff and casual staff wey local goment dey pay an na di casual pipo dey affected by di salary issue.

Dem say dem go continue to give dem best to cemetery work because even without salary na good tin to do for religion.

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