Your overseas degree fit no happun if you ignore dis 5 tins to sabi before you use agent

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For Nigeria, student wey wan go study for obodo oyinbo university must shine eye well well, dey sharp and no carri moni give pesin to do wetin im fit do by imsef.

One tori comot recently say one man for Nigeria dey court afta dem accuse am say e dupe 22 students wey bin wan travel go study for Canada. Dem claim say since 2016, dis 'agent' collect millions from di pipo, come carri fake admission letters give dem.

Although, nobodi know weda di allegations for dat mata dey true, one University of Birmingham Kontri Officer for Nigeria, Francis Ojo say im sabi student wey lose like N400, 000 ($1,100) to dis wayo wayo agents dem.

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Image example Many Nigerian students no dey tink am twice if opportunity show to travel abroad for school

Kweshun be say, wetin students need to know or do not to enta dis kain gbege?

Eseoghene Oluwayomi of University of Bradford believe say she get di ansa.

"Dem dey scam students now because even di students sef no dey do dia own research and and torchlight by demsef how di University application be.

"For example, I represent di University of Bradford for UK and my contact details dey for my University website, wia pipo go see my name as di contact pesin for Nigeria," tok Eseoghene.

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Image example Make students sef dey torchlight di application for demsef

Madam Oluwayomi wonda why students go just ready to carri moni give pipo wey no dey registered or agents wey everibodi no too sabi well well, because na from dia students dey enta kasala.

Williams Wodi, lecturer and toktok pesin for University of Port Harcourt, say modern technology like internet don even make am easy today (pass how e before like 30 years ago) for international student to get information for di school dem wan go and even to do all di application demsef, as many of dis obodo Universities dey make am easy from dia website.

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Image example Strike wey be like say e no get end for Nigeria dey make students no quick graduate

If you really need to use agent, make sure say...

  • You contact di school wey you wan go to make sure dem no get representative or agent inside your kontri already - most of dem dey get
  • You carri your leg waka go di office of di agents, shine ya eye well well to see if anytin be like say dem wan do you feem trick
  • Wen you dey send email to di agent, or dem dey send one to you, put (copy) di email of di University join, so dat dem go know as e dey go
  • Wen time to pay don reach, no carri moni pay inside individual account of pesin, instead make di payment to company account
  • If anytime your mind no settle for wetin agent dey do for you, call or email di University sharpaly to tok your mind.

Wetin dey carri pipo travel for education abroad?

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Image example Wodi say even some Nigeria university still beta pass some of di ones for obodo oyinbo

E no normal say plenti pipo for kontri like Nigeria - wey dey boast to be giant of Africa - no go tink am twice to travel comot go study.

According to Wodi, too many students dey get qualification to enta university for Nigeria but space for dem no dey dey and dis na wetin im believe be di real reason why students feel di need to carri waka go school abroad.

"Nigeria goment need to stop to dey build more universities, instead dem suppose increase di capacity of di ones wey dey ground already", tok Wodi.

Currently, Nigerian universities don dey close down for two weeks now because dia lecturers dey on strike.

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