The Lion King 2019: Tins di Chiwetel Ejiofor remake feem fit teach your pikin

Simba for di Lion King Image copyright DISNEY

Ogbonge movie makers Disney scata social media on Friday wit dia tear rubber remake trailer of dia 1994 movie Lion King.

Di trailer just dey come only few weeks afta dem announce say dem go re-do dia oda feem dem wey bin scata market for 90s; Beauty and the Beast and The Jungle Book, Dumbo and Aladdi.

Dis na wetin di new Lion King feem wey Nigerian born Chiwetel Ejiofor star inside go teach your pikin, mama and papa dem.

Timon and Pumbaa

"Di producers put am for dia to make pikin dem happy."

"Na sometin I grow up wit and na sometin wey I know say go dey wit me for life." According to Adugo Falcon Uzoma wey be movie producer.

She tok say most of di tins wey she remember wen she watch di first movie na say "children go like dem as dem go make dem laugh.

Image copyright Eric Robert

Di African songs for di movie fit inspire pipo?

Di 1994 movie use African setting and songs and tins wey Adugo say she enjoy.

But she still add say for pipo wey go watch am "she no really know if e go inspire dem."

"If we dey 25 years ago I for say e go inspire African pipo, because e go sweet you for body say dem use African music.

"But now, wetin you need as young pesin na Youtube account or twitter account and pipo go hia your story and you go fit make impact, I no really know weda na because of di music."

How Africans go see am if dem do am for dia Language

For di trailer na English dem use do di movie but Adugo say Africans go enjoy am more if na dia language dem use.

"For instance if dem use Hausa for Aladdin e go make more sense for pipo for Northern Nigeria and pipo wey dey speak di language."

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