Boko Haram don increase attack becos of 2019 election - Former spy chief

Boko Haram first attack for 2009 Image copyright Boko Haram
Image example Boko Haram first attack for 2009

Mike Ejiofor wey be former director of Nigeria secret police DSS, say na election wey dey come make Boko Haram militants to increase dia attack against military.

Oga Ejiofor tell BBC dis one afta splinter Boko Haram group; Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP) attack military base for Maitile, kill kill military pipo and steal dia weapon.

E say di militants wey no believe in democratic governance, don increase dia attack becos of di election wey dey come next year for Nigeria, so as to create panic.

"From our report, di number of death pass wetin di circulate for social media and I think di military dey try to manage di whole tin," im explain.

Oga Ejiofor believe say di military dey try down play di effect of di attack so dat dem no go affect di morale of di oda soldiers wey di fight di insurgents.

"E no get how di military go tell di world di total number of soldiers wey di insurgents kill," im tok.

Wen BBC reach out to di military authorities to find out wetin dey happun, dem refuse to answer dia call or respond to messages.

Military officers dem don face plenti attacks for di hands of Boko Haram for di last two years despite claim by di Nigerian goment say dem dey win di war against di insurgents.

On 18 November, dem bin attack Mainok, one town close to Maiduguri, Borno State capital.

Nigeria presidential candidate, Oby Ezekwesili tweet say she want di goment to do more to stop di killi-killi of soldiers.

Even di presidential candidate of di People's Democratic Party Atiku Abubakar, join mouth for di mata:

For inside dia video, di insurgents bin cover dia face as dem bomb di military base with dia rockets.

Di video wey last for about three minutes, show how di soldiers wey lie for ground dey receive bullet from di insurgents and dia guns seized.

Image copyright AFP
Image example Boko Haram militants say dem wan make one Islamic state inside northern Nigeria

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