Boko Haram ambush: True-true Boko Haram kill soldiers for Metele - Army

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Nigerian army don confam tori say Boko Haram attack and kill soldiers for Metele, Guzamala local government area of Borno state, north-east Nigeria.

Di statement from di Army HQ say di attack ontop 157 Task Force Battalion happun on November 18 2018 but e no open mouth ontop how many soldiers die.

Tori pipo bin don report say 'over 70 soldiers' including di unit commander naim die for di Metele attack, videos too bin don dey circulate ontop social media of di attack.

According to di Army statement, some of di informate no correct.

"E dey important make di public sabi say NA get procedure to follow report tori wey involve personnel wey die in di line of duty. We get to inform dia next of kin before we release any info give di public out of respect to dem so dat w eno go increase dia grief."

"We observe say social media, print and online publications dem don carry informate wey no correct ontop how many soldiers die and old videos dem wey no true about Boko Haram attack say na di 157 Task Force Battalion."

"While we know how tori fit spread like dat for dis social media period, to dey spread some of dis video dem go only contribute to push di propaganda of di kili-kili pipo dem ." Na so Army tok.

Army also say di location dey under control as las-las dem drive di kili-kili pipo dem go.

How di attack happun

According to tori pipo Premium Times, one soldier wey see how e happun tell dem say di attack happun 6pm on Monday evening.

"Wen di soldier on top di observation post send signal say plenti Boko Haram fighters dey come, fear catch us and na so we take cover come wait inside base for Metele. Di fight no last more dan 45 minutes but e bloody well-well because Boko Haram dey armed pass di soldiers."

"Wen e clear say we no fit win we decide to retreat but e too late. Di camp dey surrounded wit barb wire and dem dey fire us from di entrance. Dem surround us. Wen one of di drivers try push di barb wire so di oda vehicles go escape, di truck come stuck and na so many soldiers inside oda vehicles and for ground die." Na so di soldier tok.

According to di soldier di situation na terrible one.

"Our morale low well-well, no be only say dem no dey pay us our allowance but also Boko Haram equip pass us."

"Di situation don bad sotay wen soldiers hear say Boko Haram fighters dey come na so dem go dey pick raise." Na so di soldier tok.

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