DELSU Student murder: ‘Make dem provide Elozino Ogege wey yahoo boys kill or I go sue di school'

Elozino Ogege Image copyright Elozino Ogege

"I suffer, I sell plantain, I sell yam, I sell onions...make dem provide my daughter, I be widow, orphan everytin, tell di whole world."

Dis na how Elozino Ogege mama cry ontop di tori of her pikin wey die for di hands of suspected yahoo boys for Abraka, Delta state for south-south Nigeria.

Dem declare di 22 years old undergraduate of Mass Communication department, Delta State University missing on Thursday 15th November before dem find her body some days afta wit some parts wey dey miss.

Her elder sista Faith Ogege tell BBC Pidgin say na accommodation na im 'Elo', wey be di baby of di house bin dey find before she miss.

"Na on Wednesday she call me say pesin tell am say accommodation dey inside campus three for Delta state university. Say she dey go check am out wit one security man.

"She bin still wan gist wit me, I tell am say I dey office say I busy. She come say 'sister sorry, sorry, sorry I no know say you dey office.' Na di last time I hear her voice be dat." Na so Faith tok.

Image copyright Facebook/Elozino Ogege
Image example Elozino Ogege na 22 years old 300 level undergraduate of Mass Communication for Delta State University, Abraka, southern Nigeria

Wen on Thursday, her mama call her say her sista neva return, na dia dem come go report to police wey say make dem wait for 24hrs.

"Dem come arrest di security man wey go show her di house, im come lead dem to di main suspect wey call my sista. Dis na anoda security man inside di school. Immediately dem catch di second security man, we see my younger sista phone for im hand," Faith tok.

'I faint wen I see my sista body'

I collapse for police headquarter for Asaba wen dem tell me about di body, di shock too much I faint. Na so Faith tok.

"We dey sad, notin go fit bring back my sista, my talented sista, we know how we suffer, why dem go kill my sista like chicken?

Elozino love God, she be di best for her department, already on first class for 300 level nobody beat her."

Police dey chook eye inside Ritualist tori for DELSU

Delta state Police say four pipo dey custody ontop Elozino case.

"We arrest 4 pipo. Di chief ritualists, di pipo wey remove di eye, di heart and di breast. Two na yahoo boys and ritualists too, den two be di security personnel wey dey work for DELSU." Na so Delta state commissioner of police Muhammad Mustafa tell BBC Pidgin.

Him say dem don almost finish investigation ontop di mata and day all di pipo wey dem round up, say all of dem get hand inside di mata.

Di commissioner also open mouth ontop di tori wey dey fly upandan say dem dey steal girls dia pants for DELSU.

"We don hear di mata, we dey work on am." Na so Mustafa tok.

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Image example Different tori of ritual activity inside DELSU dey fly upandan for social media.

For Faith, she want na justice. "I wan make di yahoo guy pay, make all over dem face justice.

"We never hear anytin from Abraka (di university). I go sue Abraka, dem no fit tell me say dem dey employ security men without checking dia background, wey dey catch girls dey use for rituals, dem no go tell me say dem no know, make dem produce my sista." Na so Faith tok."

Meanwhile BBC Pidgin try reach officials of Delta State University to hear dia side of di tori. Barrister Oreva Offeh wey be di school lawyer tok say she no go fit tok about di case.

'DELSU deny say dem no show concern'

Acording to tok-tok pesin Aganbi Freeborn, for di school na lie say dem no show concern

"Dem first report di mata give students Affairs of du university and na so e take reach police ear"

"We also release information about di mata ontop school bulletin, and media too"

"Tuesday last week we declare am lecture free to mourn di student, everitin on campus was put on hold even post-graduate orientation"

"Since e happun too di VC, Dean of studenst don communicate wit di family ontop phone too."

Image copyright Facebook/@Elozino Ogege

Ontop say family wan sue dem for negligence say dem hire ex-convict as security personnel di school tok say dem no be permanenet but contract staff.

"We no dey engage security directly for di university, na by outside contract and di private security dey recruit based on dia own terms."

"Pipo dey change too, e fit happun, even God regret say e create man."

"Management dey ontop di mata, and if dem get further plan dem go communicate am give dem"

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