Anglophone Cameroon: Kenya want Paul Biya goment to explain how fada Cosmas Ondari die

Late Fr. Cosmas Ondari Image copyright Sylvester Atemkeng
Image example Late Fr. Cosmas Ondari

Kenya goment on Monday say make Cameroon goment explain how dia kontri man, Cosmas Omboto Ondari priest, die for Kembong, Southwest Cameroon.

For letter weh Kenya foreign ministry write through Macharia Kamau of e High Commission for Abuja, Nigeria e say; "As we di craiy we kontri man we continue for look for answers for dis sad event". 

But before Kenyan goment begin ask kwesion, Andrew Nkea di Catholic Bishop for Mamfe Dioceses where di priest wey die bin serve, don point finger accuse goment forces say na dem kill di Kenyan priest catholic, Cosmas Omboto Ondari for Kembong for Southwest region.

Tori be say de kill di vicar for St. Martin de Tours parish for kembong for 3:00pm on Wednesday November 21.  

For release weh e komotam, Bishop for Mamfe say weti weh eye witnesses, weh deh bin bi wit de priest wen deh shooting  happen tok, na say  goment soldiers for inside national gendarmerie moto spray bullets as deh di pass kill di parish priest.

Image copyright Rev Siver Kibuh

E sey eyewitnesses also claim say deh also shoot one man weh e too bin stand for front of di church. 

But, Defence Minister, Joseph Beti Assomo say na some gunmen weh deh wear army uniform invade Kembong den open fire any how.  Na for de process weh deh kill fada Cosmas Ondari from inside motor.

As plenty bullet touch de priest e surely die from de wounds, defence Minister add.  

Deh only signal dis attack for November 22 and e makam  difficult for chase de criminals.

Now, Bishop say make goment investigate de pipo weh den kill fada Cosmas Omboto make deh  face de law for give justice. 

"Ah di call authorities for make correct investigate for dis crime for innocent missionary weh e love peace, make deh face justice. Na de only way weh de pipo weh deh dey inside pain fit get comfort and make peace bi for dem", Bishop tok. 

Bishop say deh di prayer say make  deh stop de killing for dia dioceses and for de whole Anglophone regions.

E regret say life no get value again and deh di waste pipo dia life for useless reason, even for game. 

Dis killing get for stop and deh pipo weh deh di kill innocent civilians make de stoppam, Bishop tok. 

Defence Minister say de first information from dia investigate na say de pipo weh de commit de crime want puma for army e head.

Oga Joseph Beti call on population for collaborate with de army for deal with de criminals dem. 

Fada Cosmas Omboto Ondari don join church pipo weh deh don shoot and kill for seka Anglophone crisis.

Deh kill Ghanaian pastor for Batibo, fada Sob Nougui for Southwest, American missionary Charles Wesco, for Bambili for Northwest for October and plenty odas. 

Anglophone crisis start for 2016 and just now e reach 1000 civilians, and 200 soldiers don die, suffer deh for de two regions and pipo di live inside fear. 

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