How 'magomago' for oil deal make Nigeria lose $6bn

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One court for Milan, Italy dey reason charges of corruption against Eni and Shell for one oil deal wey make Nigeria lose moni wey fit reach $6bn.

Di campaign group Global Witness calculate say di OPL 245 deal for 2011 make Nigeria no receive moni wey be double wetin dem dey budget everi year on education and healthcare.

Dem dey accuse Eni and Shell say dem sabi say di moni dem dey pay Nigeria na bribe dem go use am for.

Di two companies say dia hands dey clean.

Dis kasala wey dey shele for Italian court, don involve former MI6 officers, FBI, former President of Nigeria, as well as current and former senior executives for di two oil companies.

One court for France bin find former Nigerian oil minister, Dan Etete guilty of magomago and say im use di moni to buy speed boat and mansion.

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Image example Shell na one of di oil companies wey dey face magomago charges

Global Witness don spend years dey torchight di deal wey give Shell and Eni di rights to explore OPL 245, for Niger Delta area of Nigeria. Dem say magomago dey for di contract to favour di energy companies and say di kontri fit lose $5.86bn, compare to wetin dey table before 2011.

Deal or no deal

Pipo wey dey campaign say make dem cancel di deal.

"We discover say Shell write deal wey cut Nigeria out of dia share of profit oil from di block," Ava Lee, one campaigner for Global Witness tell BBC World Business Report.

"Dis amount of moni go dey enough to educate six million teachers for Nigeria. Dis na really big deal for kontri wey get di highest rate of extreme poverty for di world."

Nigeria na di richest economy for Africa, but even though e get plenti mineral resources of oil and gas, millions of pipo dey poor.

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Image example Campaigners say di deal make Nigeria no get double of e annual education and healthcare budget

OPL 245

E no hard to see why Eni and Shell want di rights to develop OPL 245, becos e fit contain reach nine billion barrels of oil.

But magomago dey how dem take do am.

Di court for Milan dey check evidence of how former Nigerian oil minister, Dan Etete, cari di contract of OPL 245 give Malabu, company wey im get for secret.

Dem dey accuse am say im pay bribe to oda pipo for goment, including former President Goodluck Jonathan, to make sure say tins go well. Di former president for 2017, bin deny di accuse for statement. Im say di Malabu oil deal happun before im enta office as president.

Dem dey accuse Shell and Eni say dem sabi say di $1.1bn dem give Nigeria na for bribes, and dis claims na based on wetin dey inside emails wey don come out.

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Image example Eni headquarters for San Donato Milanese, near Milan

Our hand dey clean

Di two companies say dem no do anytin wrong, becos dem pay di moni to get di rights directly to di Nigerian goment.

Shell write statement to BBC World Business Report say: "Since dis mata dey before di Tribunal of Milan, e no go make sense for us to comment in details. Mata dey court, and we no wan put mouth for how e dey go.

"Wetin we do na clean deal and we believe say di trial judges for Italy go conclude say no case dey against Shell or anybodi wey don work for us before."

Eni don also deny say dem do anytin wrong, and tell BBC say dem doubt di sabi pipo wey Global Witness use, and say wetin di company write for dia report, na sometin dem fit sue dem for.

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