If Nigeria pay police well, dem no go put hand for magomago - Retired officer

Nigeria police officers Image copyright Getty Images

Retired Superintendent of Nigeria Police, Andrew Enwerem say di increase of salary wey President Muhammadu Buhari approve go help stop corruption for di force.

Enwerem wey retire afta 35 years of service, say na manage im manage im salary till im retire, sake of say e dey too small.

"New police officer no dey earn up to N36,000 ($100) for Nigeria, na im make some officers dey corrupt," im tok.

On Monday, President Muhammadu Buhari bin approve make dem increase salaries of Nigeria police officers.


E say wetin President Muhamadu Buhari do dey good unto say if dem dey pay police officers well, di officers for no dey chook hand inside corruption.

"If you compare police salary for Nigeria and oda kontri, you go see say e too small and na im make we get high level of corruption and extortion for di force.

"E get wen I begin dey count wetin I dey spend for my salary evri month from how many times I barb my hair to how many times I buy tooth paste or tooth brush and medical expenses, you go see say di salary no even fit do only me tok of to take care of my family and my extended family". Oga Enwerem tok.

E say di new salary go help reduce di suffering of Nigeria Police officers so dat dem go fit do dia work well.

Nigeria get about 371,000 officers but plenti of dem dey collect shiriri money as salary per month.

BBC still dey try to confam how much be di new salary structure and go yan di tori as e land.

Another thing we de for inside dis tori