Anglophone crisis: Cameroon separatists 'bomb' military moto for Kembong

Di moto wey dem bomb Image copyright Cameroon Army
Image example Di moto wey dem bomb

Cameroon army don release pishures of attack against one military convoy wey happun for Kembong villiage on Thursday for di South-West region.

No soldier die for di attack and e no clear if anyone wound.

Although army never tok how e happun, Cameroon separatists wey dey fight for di independence of pipo for di English speaking parts of di kontri don claim responsibility for di attack, dem say dem plant di bomb for road to stop di army from entering di area.

Image copyright Cameroon Army

Kembong na one of di places wey di fight-fight between Cameroon army and anglophone fighters wey wan Ambazonia don affect pass, BBC tori pesin, Peter Tah tok say dis bomb mata fit make mata worse.

E don pass one year wey palava don dey inside di English speaking regions and plenti pipo don die ontop while some don run go neighbouring kontris as refugees.

Anglophone Cameroon pipo dem say di francophone pipo dey discriminate against dem inside court and schools.

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