Senegal want France to return all dia art wey dem tiff

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Senegal goment say dem want France to return all of dia art wey dey French museums.

Last week, one report by sabi pipo, wey France President Emmanuel Macron commission, say make dem return all di ogbonge tins wey dem collect from African kontris witout permission.

Dis wan na as di new Museum of Black Civilisations dey about to open for Senegal capital, Dakar.

Di site go offer nearly 40,000 sq ft of exhibition space.

Senegal Culture Minister Abdou Latif Coulibaly tell BBC say im welcome di French report as "everi art piece wey Senegal get dey France".

"We don read am and we tink say na positive report - e dey correct and e follow history".

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Di minister say dem don already ask di French goment for more than 100 artifacts.

Very few kontris don write officially say make dem return dia art, but dis fit change sharp sharp.

Di kontri wey get di highest number of art pieces for France na Chad.

E don tey wey Dakar don dey wan position as correct place for cultural tins for di region - and now wey dia president dey run for re-election, di goment wan make di museum happun.

Di Museum of Black Civilisations na di idea of Senegal first President Leopold Sedar Senghor.

More than 50 years later, di project fit happun, afta $20m (£16m) Chinese investment.

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