Ganduje videos make oda senators dey yab me - Rabiu Kwankwaso

Kwankwaso Image copyright Rabiu Kwankwaso
Image example Kwankwaso na member of di opposition People's Democratic Party

Senator Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso wey dey represent Kano Central for Nigeria National Assembly, say oda senators dey use videos wey comot about im govnor take yab am.

Senator Kwankwaso wey be former govnor for di state, bin appear for one radio station - Express FM wia im tok about how five videos wey come out of Kano State Govnor Umar Ganduje wia im dey collect moni from pesin, take affect am.

"Some of my colleagues for senate don turn dis video tin into sometin else. Anytime dem see me, 'Senator Kwankwaso wia my dollars, give me dollars,' im tok.

"E get one time wey anoda senator look me for eye tok say, 'Kwankwaso dis your Baban Riga (Agbada) get dollars inside give me my share.' So, di tin dey embarrassing."

But Govnor Umar Ganduje aide Ali Baba say oga Kwankwaso don lose all respect from Kano pipo and im no get level again.

"If Kwankwaso wan test im popularity why im no ask di radio pipo make dem open phone line during im interview, pipo for abuse am tire," im tok.

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