Being Black in the EU: If you be black for European Union kontris, poor house & work na mostly your portion - Report

Anti-racism and anti-Islamaphobia march in Belgium, on 9 September, 2018 Image copyright Anadolu Agency/Getty

Black pipo wey be Africans inside European Union kontris dey face serious challenges sake of dem colour, new report tok on Wednesday.

Di European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights report wey dem call "Being Black in di EU" say today to find house to live or beta work to do, plus police discrimination wen dem stop pipo for checking point, na some of di ogbonge racism palava black pipo dey face abroad all becos of di colour of dia skin.

Bonuola, wey be Nigerian student for Belgium since 2017, tell BBC Pidgin say she plus four African friends enta train dey mind dia business wen one woman passenger begin dey spit at dem, di harass enta anoda level wen she release her dog to attack di paddy dem.

''Wetin surprise me be say, not one passenger stand up say make dem defend us''. Bonuola tok

Las las, police arrest di woman and all of us write statement give dem but till today police never tok anything on top di mata.

Ajala, wey be Nigerian student for Holland since 2015, tok say, ''If you be black pesin for dis kontri, you get more chance for police to stop you''.

One day like dis, me and one of my Dutch paddy enta wrong lane wit our bicycles.

Police stop us, dem give di Dutch guy warning then release am.

As for me, dem ask for ID. Banjo say, ''Wen police see black pesin, dia mind go automatically tell dem say na illegal migrant''.

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Director for di EU Agency, Michael O'Flaherty say, racial discrimination no dey acceptable at all for di 21st century, in fact dem no get any excuse at all.

Di report show say 30% of pipo wey dem interview for di survey say dem don face racial harassment in di last five years. Anoda 5% say dem even attack dem physically.

E dey important for EU member states to try remove all di policy wey cause discrimination of black pipo, na so O'Flaherty tok.

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Image example Africa pipo wey dey live for different kontris for oyiboland even America dey face different kains of discrimination.

As civilisation dey grow dey go, racism be like say e don reduce wella, but somehow, e still dey show face for di kain treatment black pipo wey dey yonder dey receive. According to di report.

Di palava of harassment and discrimination sake of say pesin skin dey black na very old one mata wey go way back to di time of slave trade.

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