National Assembly Nigeria: New Federal Universities, Polytechnics, College of Education don get approval

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Nine new goment higher schools including Federal Universities, Polytechnics, College of Education get go-ahead on Wednesday for Nigeria Senate.

Dis approval land wen lecturers for oda goment universiries still dey on strike sake of say dem want Nigeria goment to increase helep money wey dem dey give di higher school education inside di kontri.

Di schools wey get lawmakers go-ahead include:

  1. Federal Polytechnic,Kabo, Kano State (est.etc)Bill,2018
  2. Federal Polytechnic Daura, Katsina State(est.etc)Bill,2018
  3. Federal Polytechnic Ikom,Cross River State(est.etc)Bill,2018
  4. Federal Polytechnic Langtang,Plateau State(est.etc)Bill,2018
  5. Federal University of Education Aguleri,Anambra State (est.etc)Bill,2018
  6. Federal University of Technology Manchok,Kaduna State (est.etc)Bill,2018
  7. National Institute of Construction Technology and Management (est.etc)Bill,2018
  8. Federal College of Education, Usugbenu-Irrua, Edo State (est.etc)Bill,2018 and
  9. Federal College of Education(Technical)Arochukwu, Abia State (est.etc)Bill,2018

Di nine bills wey di lawmakers approve to establish across di kontri go still need President Muhammadu Buhari to stamp am before dem fit begin admit students.

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