Boko Haram dey use drones and foreign fighters to attack us - Nigerian Army

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Image example Dis no be di drone Nigerian Army say Boko Haram dey use, but drones dey use remote control operate

Nigerian Army say Boko Haram militants wey dem dey fight for di north east region of di kontri, don increase how dem dey use drones and foreign fighters take attack army.

For statement wey dem release for dia Facebook page, di Nigerian Army say dis new tactics by Boko Haram mean say dem suppose review how dem dey take fight dem.

Army also confam for di first time since dem suffer recent attacks from di group for Metele, Borno State, say na 23 of dia men die and 31 wound. Different tori pipo bin don report say na between 44 and 100 Nigerian sojas die for different attacks within di period.

Dem say sojas for Kukawa, Ngoshe, Kareto and Gajiram come under attack for different period within two weeks from 2 - 17 November 2018.

"One of di Nigerian battalions (157 TF Bn), wey dey under di Multi National Joint Task Force na im dem attack for Metele on 18 November 2018," di statement tok.

Buhari dey go Chad for meeting on Boko Haram

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Image example President Buhari bin go Maiduguri on Wednesday go see di sojas wey dey fight Boko Haram

Presidents of kontris wey dey Lake Chad go meet on Thursday for Chad capital N'Djamena to torchligt di security situation for di region as e be like say attacks by Boko Haram and Islamic State West Africa Province don increase.

Di presidents of Chad, Cameroon, Niger, di Central African Republic and Benin go show for di meeting wey Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari go siddon as chairman.

Dem go review di security arrangement as e concern di fight against Boko Haram militants as e be say dis kontris dey contribute sojas for di Multi Joint Task Force wey get di backing of di African Union to fight di militants for di region.

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President Muhammadu Buhari bin don send di Minister of Defence, retired Brig-Gen. Mansur Dan-Ali, to Chad for emergency meeting wit Chad President, Idris Deby, because of di way security dey for Nigeria-Chad border.

Di president wey bin dey Borno State on Wednesday, say make di sojas wey dey fight Boko Haram keep dia focus and "wipe di militants from di face of di earth."

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