'Prostitute' orangutan: Dem shave her hair, wear her makeup come force her to dey sex men

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Di sad tori of one ape wey dem force to work for prostitute house as sex-slave enter news again as di pipo wey rescue her tok say she dey recover.

Na for 2003 naim dem rescue di orangutan, Pony from one village for Kareng Pangi, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia.

Dem chain am put ontop dirty mattress and tori be say local palm oil farmers wey dey like two times her size dey come di village to sleep wit am for $3.

Pony land her madam hand afta dem capture her wen she be pikin, dem go shave am every two days, wear am make up and earrings come teach her how to sex men.

Di villagers bin no wan release Pony, e take 35 policemen wit AK-47s for dem to gree free Pony.

Although dem no sure, di sabi pipo wey rescue Pony say dem collect her from her mama hand wen she be pikin and she spend like six years as prostitute for di hotel.

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Image example Di way dem find Pony for 2003 wen dem go rescue am.

Former teacher Michelle Desilets wey be di director of di group Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation UK di time dem rescue Pony tell tori pipo Sun Online say dem find Pony for terrible condition.

"Na horrible tin. She be sex slave- na terrible tin. Boil cover her body, dem wear am make-up and earrings, she go don dey inside beta pain, na horrible tin to even reason di fear wey go dey catch am." Na so Desilets tok.

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Image example Three years afta dem rescue Pony

Wen dem first rescue her, dem try keep men away from am as she bin still dey fear dem but gradually she start to dey recover.

E don reach 15 years and although her health don improve Pony no go ever fit go back to di forest because of wetin she suffer, for now, she dey live inisde Nyaru Menteng Rehabilitation Centre with seven other orangutans.

Another thing we de for inside dis tori