Gay: Nigerians follow top list of pipo wey dey find asylum for UK sake of dem be gay

Two lesbain women for Durban, South Africa dey kiss

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South Africa na one of few kontris for Africa wia same-sex relationship follow inside law

Nigerians tanda for top three of kontris wia, to dey gay, na one of di reasons why dia citizens dey apply for asylum for United Kingdom.

Dis na according to one report wey UK Home Office release, wey show more than 5,917 asylum claims between 1 July 2015 and 31 March 2017.

Bisi Alimi, wey be gay rights activist for UK, tell BBC Pidgin say no be like say di number of gay pipo from Nigeria wey dey apply for asylum don increase.

Alimi say, ''na sign say Europe don begin dey collect dis kain informate on top why pipo dey claim asylum''.

Pakistan na di kontri wey dia pipo mark register pass followed by Bangladesh, Nigeria, Uganda and Iran.

  • Pakistan (1,000, 20%)
  • Bangladesh (454, 14%)
  • Nigeria (362, 18%)

Many African kontris including Nigeria, Uganda, Ghana and Cameroon get laws wey make am criminal offence to be gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender.

Alimi, wey claim asylum for UK in 2008 tok say, di recent anti-gay law for Nigeria wey dey dangerous and harsh, don give chance to gay pipo wey dey fear before, chance to move to UK, to live good and free life.

Alimi say, ''Nigeria don create law wey don make am legal to hate gay pipo''.

''At di same time e don helep di case of gay pipo for Nigeria sake of dem fit claim asylum for kontri wey dey protect dia right'', na so im tok.

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Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari dey UK now for di Commonwealth Head of Government Meetings

UK Prime Minister Theresa May bin condemn Nigeria and oda Commonwealth kontries wey get laws against same-sex relationships and advice say dem need 'reform'.

May talk dis one for di first joint forum of Commonwealth Head of Government Meetings for Westminster on Tuesday 17 April, where she say nobody suppose face hand of justice just because dem dey inside same-sex relationship with pesin wey dem love and care about.

She say anti same-sex laws wey don dey UK before-before na im some kontris for Commonwealth still dey use today, say "those laws dey wrong dat time, and dem dey wrong now."

As UK Prime Minister, she say shame catch am say those laws from her kontri don encourage odas into discrimination, violence and even death.