How Nigeria law student raise N296,000 school fees moni ontop Twitter

Scott pose for pishure Image copyright Adefehinti Scott

Moni no dey, moni no dey, to achieve wetin pesin want for life, na true tok only wen pesin neva push im sef to tink of all di pure ways wey e go fit to gada moni do dat tin wey go beta im life. Adefehinti Scott, na Nigeria law school student wey prove dis theory as im enta Twitter to raise N296 thousand ($815) to pay im law school fees.

Wen Scott bin get admission to go law school, di tin wey worri am pass na how im wan take pay di school fees. BBC Pidgin yan wit am to know wetin ginger am to enta twitter find im school fees.

"Depression bin catch me before I get my school fees," im tok, "dem bin advise me to move my admission go di next year."

Scott try different ways to raise moni for im school fees sotay im do email to different pipo including some church leaders but notin-notin, di tori change afta im friends advice am to go try for Twitter.

"honestly, I bin feel say kontri harsh and pipo no too get moni now. So I believe say wen dey get, dem go support." Na so Adefehinti tok.

Image copyright Adefehinti Scott

To go law school for Nigeria na serious investment as di school fees no be moi moi, and dis dey make many law students to shift dia admission go di year wey dem go fit to gada moni pay.

Adefehinti tell BBC Pidgin say im bin no expect di kain response wey im get wen im enta twitter to ask for epp, but one tin wey really helep Scott get di support of twitter pipo na wen one social media influencer, Moe enta twitter to announce say, make Unilag law students identify say im be dia class mate so dat pipo go feel comfortable to give dia donation.

Scott no do mago-mago or try to take advantage of di pipo wey do donation for am for social media. Im still return to twitter to tank all di pipo wey helep donate moni. E no end dia o, im also upload receipt wey im take pay for di law school fees.

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