You want am boiled, fried or fresh? Grasshopper na correct wakis for dis pipo

Man grabbing grasshoppers
Image example For grasshopper season, you fit buy am for market like say na food.

Na grasshopper season for Uganda, wia to dey chop di insect dey sweet dem for belle well well - weda dem boil am or dem fry am.

E dey popular sotey some dey worry say di insect go reduce, as BBC Patience Atuhaire report.

At dis time of year, during di rainy season, many pipo all ova di kontri dey prepare to catch plenti grasshopper to sell and chop.

"Wen di season start, we go monitor di moon, and prepare. [Na for full moon dem dey come out well well]. We go also hope make rain fall. E dey plenti wen rain don fall," tok Quraish Katongole, one of di pipo wey get ogbonge experience to dey collect grasshopper for Uganda and also chairman of di joinbodi wey dey organise di kontri grasshopper business.

Image example Di grasshoppers go nack against di iron roof material and fall inside drum wey dem don put oil inside

E dey common to see women, schoolgirls wey still dey inside dia uniforms, even pikin dem, go enta bush to go find grasshopper.

Di insect dey okay to chop and e common wella for both di village side and town for Uganda.

For di capital, Kampala, young pipo wey dey carri baskets or plastic buckets, go dey sell grasshopper wey dem don boil or fry inside traffic. One tablespoon of di insect cost 1,000 Uganda shillings ($0.27, £0.21).

Odas go sell am fresh - e go still dey green but dem go don comot di wings and legs, so dat e go easy to prepare for house.

'Eat more insects'

Uganda pipo, and odas for di region, dey among over two billion people worldwide wey dey chop different different kain insects, according to UN estimate.

One 2013 UN Food and Agriculture Organization report tell pipo wey no dey nutrition for dia food to consider to dey chop insects join onto say e fit help dem get di kain nutrient dem need.

Image example Grasshoppers be like di way dem dey chop groundnut for West Africa

As at now, some sabi pipo don dey already find way to make sure di grasshopper boku not only for rainy season but throughout di year.

Image example Market traders dey sell cup of grasshopper for 5,000 Uganda shillings ($1.34)

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