'Jubril Aminu and Muhammadu Buhari': Three presidents wey don use 'clone' before

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"Jubril Aminu no be my clone," according to President Muhammadu Buhari "because l dey alive."

Dis na im reply to long time claim say dem be two, no be one Buhari, real and fake, alive and dead.

Di rumour wey first begin dey spread for social media tey tey don full evri wia sotay some pipo begin dey wonder like wonderers weda small fire dey inside dis smoke.

One reason why some pipo dey ready to believe dis kain rumour be say, tori of how pipo dey replace odas dey ground even if na for feem e dey happun pass.

But for real life some presidents wey get harsh regime don get bodi double and di reason no be sickness or marriage but di serious business of security.

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Image example Late Iraq president Saddam Hussein and im bodi double

Di late Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein employ plenti bodi doubles wen im dey rule di Middle East kontri wit iron hand according to U.S. Military officials.

According to one expert, di way Iraqis dey know weda na di real or fake Saddam na if im bodyguard dey serious or dey play.

Tori of di way Hussein dey use body double steady, popular sotey wen dem capture am for 2003, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld open up for press conference to Americans wey no sure weda na di real pesin dem capture.

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Image example Joseph Stalin for Russia

Joseph Stalin wey rule di former Union of Soviet Soviet Republics from 1922 to 1953 na one ogbologobo for propaganda a.k.a fake news.

So no be surprise say im get bodi doubles. One possible double na Felix Dadev and wit di blessing of current Russia President Vladimir Putin, im open up unto im secret for 2008 wen im don reach di age of 88.

Dadev tok say im biggest assignment na wen im travel go di Yalta conference for Crimea for 1945.

Na for di Yalta conference di main winners of second world war - America, Britain and Russia - decide how dem go arrange Germany and di rest of Europe afta di war. Dadev na di pesin pipo see pass, but di real Stalin remain coded.

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Image example North Korea Kim Jong il

Former North Korea leader Kim Jong il na pesin wey dey sick wella before im die for 2011.

Mr. Kim bin get stroke for August 2008 but by 2009 im don make 122 visits complete wit media escorts to factories, farms, military bases and oda to prove say im dey alive, well and in charge.

Dis na sign by pipo say im dey use bodi double.

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