Ndoki Michele: Douala court don stop case for MRC opposition party mimba and 51 odas

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Court of First Instance for Bonajo Douala don stop case for Barrister Ndoki Michele, MRC party mimba and 51 odas weh deh arrest as deh march for protest October 7 presidential elections.

As Barrister Ndoki Michele and odas appear for court for Douala on Tuesda, deh signal dem say deh stop case against dem.

Barrister Ndoki tell BBC News Pidgin say: "Public prosecutor, with instruction for justice minister decide say case no dey at all. Na very good news, na relief for see say tins di work sometaim. Dis kana action still be scarce for we kontri but we get for accept wen e happen".

Barrister Ndoki bin bi among 52 pipo weh deh bin accuse for kain-kain crimes say deh participate for illegal demonstrations, encouraging strike and felony.

Though deh glad as goment stop de case, Barrister Ndoki say "we still be aware say freedom of speech and freedom generally still be problem for kontri".

Barrister Ndoki regret say deh bin still catch and persecute one of dem for illegal public gathering wen e bin bi yi one. E wanda how deh go catch and persecute one pesin for illegal gadaring wen e suppose gada with oda pipo.

"De situation no bi weti weh we expect wen we tok freedom of expression and we glad say deh give we chance for continue for fight for dis freedom," e conclude.

Afta constitutional council bin announce say President Biya win October 7 elections, opposition CRM party president Maurice Kamto say e no gree de results.

Na so Barrister Michele Ndoki and odas komot march for Douala, police catch, lock dem and later free dem afta deh take dia statement and now dey go appear for court.

Barrister Ndoki Michele bin tweet about de convocation for say make e appear for court, say simple peaceful march don turn na crime.

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