Di first baby wey dem born with dead woman womb

Di mama and her pikin wit doctors dem Image copyright Reuters
Image example Dem born di pikin thruough CS for December 2017

One woman don born healthy baby girl afta she collect womb from dead body.

She bin do transplant operation wey last for 10-hours and take fertility treatment for São Paolo, Brazil, for 2016.

Dem bin born di woman 32 years old woman without womb.

Sabi pipo bin don do 39 womb transplant, for some dem use live donors including mama wey dash dia daughters dem dia own wombs. 11 born pikin.

But di 10 transplants wey dem bin do before with pipo wey don die bin no work, e even end for miscarriage.

Dem use drugs

Dis particular case, di pesin wey donate her womb na woman wey dey bin dey in her mid-40's, di woman wey get three pikin die afta she get bleeding from her brain

Di woman wey receive di womb get Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser syndrome, dis na sickness wey no too dey common infact e dey affect one in 4,500 women and di results na say dia vagina and womb no dey work well.

But her ovaries dey work well. And doctors remove her eggs come fertilize am with di papa to-be sperm before dem freeze am.

Image copyright Reuters
Image example Di transplant operation last for 10 hours

'Medical milestone'

Dem give di woman drugs to weaken her immune system so dat her body no go attack and reject di transplant. six weeks later, she start to see her period.

Afta seven months, dem insert di fertilised eggs inside her body.

And after normal pregnancy she deliver 6lb (2.5kg) baby through Caesarean section on 15 December 2017.

Dr Dani Ejzenberg, from Hospital das Clínicas for Sao Paolo tok say "di first transplants from live donors na big medical milestone, to make am possible for many women wey no fit born pikin to get access to pipo wey fit donate dia womb and give dem access to correct medical facilities."

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