N800b fuel subsidy: Nigerian Oil Marketers go bone strike afta dem 'do deal' wit FG to pay dem

Pipo dey queue for fuel Image copyright Getty Images

Federal goment of Nigeria say dem reach agreement wit Petroleum Marketers on Thursday on how goment go settle dia fuel subsidy money.

Goment say dem reach di agreement for meeting wey happun for di headquarters of di Ministry of Finance for Abuja.

Top-top goment officials from di ministry, Debt Management Office, Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation and the Central Bank of Nigeria, and also representatives of di petroleum marketers dem

also join attend di meeting.

Although dem no tok how di arrangement to pay go go, Media Adviser to di Finance Minister Paul Ella tok say di Marketers dem don give assurance say dem no go stop operation for all dia depots and dem go continue to dey sell till further notice.

Di Oil Marketers bin done cut goment warning, give dem seven days grace to pay dia gbese, all di outstanding subsidy moni or dem go stop work.

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