WHO Global road safety report 2018: Cameroon score F, Africans dey die pass for world road accidents

Ivory Coast road accident Image copyright AFP
Image example Road accident for Abidjan, Ivory Coast

Road accident dey kill around 1.35 million pipo evri year all over di world according to di World Health Organisation (WHO).

Di WHO report way land on Friday tok say na for Africa many of dis road traffic deaths dey happun pass.

Why road accident dey kill Africans?

Di report card give kontris like Botswana, Ivory Coast and Cameroon grade F unto say di number of death dey increase for dis kontris.

One reason why road accident plenti for Africa pass Europe and America na unto say African kontris no get good law wey dey control over-speeding, all over di world na only 46 kontris get good speed laws according to di WHO.

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Image example Hyginus Omeje

Di reason why Africa still dey rank high for dis kain deaths include bad road network & signs, bad behaviour like drink-driving, make drivers dey disobey traffic law, make drivers dey use phone for road, bad motor wey no get good brakes and oda safety equipment etc - Hyginus Omeje, wey be sector commander for Nigeria Federal Road Safety Corps tell BBC News Pidgin.

Omeje say ''if you torchlight di wahala of road deaths you go see say na human factor dey contribute to 80% of dis accidents for Nigeria''.

Jean Todt, wey be UN Secretary General special representative for Road Safety tok say na 1000 pipo dey die evri year for accident for Cameroon wen im visit di kontri for August dis year.

Todt say, ''16,583 accidents na e dey happun evri year and di kontri dey lose millions of dollars sake of dis accidents''.

For di rest of Africa, for evri 100,000 pipo, at least 26.6 pipo go die because of traffic deaths, dis number no try compared to Europe wia e dey around 8.3 pipo.

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Image example Accra, Ghana

For Ghana, almost half of dose wey die for road na commuters; in Ethiopia, and Kenya na 37%.

WHO say: ''As e be now, road traffic injury, na e dey cause di death of pikin and young adult between di age of 5 - 29 years for world''.

''Pipo wey don die sake of road traffic injury plenti pass those wey don die sake of HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis or diarrhoeal disease'', na so WHO tok.

Pipo wey dey die pass for road na those wey dey walk wit dia leg alias commuters, those wey dey use bicycle and motorcycle.

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Image example Bad road for Port Harcourt-Aba expressway for south south Nigeria

Wetin be di way forward

Di agenda of United Nations to reduce dis kain deaths by 50% in 2020 go be long tin if kontris no torchlight road safety laws, do beta road, improve emergency health service etc.

Omeje say Nigeria Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) dey try put different kain tins in place to avoid dis kain deaths even though di harvest plenti but na only few labourers wey dey ground.

Omeje say among di tins dem dey do for Nigeria include;

  • For di mata of over speeding FRSC wan force all commercial operators to install speed limit gadgets for dia motor wey go automatically stop motor to dey speed.
  • FRSC wan enforce laws wey already dey ground and to ginger state goments to start dia own state road safety management authorities like Lagos and Ogun don do so dat FRSC fit focus on federal roads.
  • FRSC wan update motor database for Nigeria wey go get informate of all motor owners so dem fit monitor who and who, get what and what and chase troublemakers enta dia bedroom wen dem break traffic offence.

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